Monday, April 14, 2008

Tangled Bank submissions please!

I'm hosting the Tangled Bank carnival over at Nature Network this week, so please send any submissions in ASAP! Guidelines below.

I've had a busy weekend of playing with my kitties and almost beating Mr E Man at pitch and putt, so I'm going to have to see if I've already written anything that would fit in. It would be very poor form to host a carnival and not submit anything myself. Hmm.

Are you a weblogger? Have you recently written something you are proud of, that you think other people with an interest in biology, medicine, science in general, or just the general workings of the natural world might find worth reading? Let me know! Send an e-mail message to containing the words "Tangled Bank" somewhere in the subject line, and a link to your article, along with a sentence or two of descriptive summary. Don't hesitate, don't be shy, don't wonder if your work is good enough—flit right into the bank with the rest of us elaborately constructed forms.

This is an egalitarian activity. You do not have to be a Ph.D., you don't have to write articles with ten-syllable words, you don't have to discuss esoteric details. All you have to do is express some enthusiasm for the natural world or encourage study of the same.

The host will review your entry, and if it meets our generous standards, it will be included in that week's Tangled Bank. Our recommendations:

  • The subject should be on biology, medicine, or natural history. We will define those categories very broadly, and it's sufficient that you show some passion for the science of the natural world.
  • Your entry should reflect your point of view and your writing; give us something more than a couple of links with a brief comment.
  • I would like to encourage positive stories; while the occasional cranky rant against creationist legislators or evil malpractice lawyers, if well written, might fit in, entries that talk about the really cool stuff of life are more appropriate.
  • The Tangled Bank is apolitical. While we as individuals may care very much about the policies of right vs. left, the focus here should be on the universal subjects of science, not the latest crime against scientific study by the political party you like least.
  • Only make one submission per weblog per week. Be selective and pick the best of your writing.

Anyone can submit an entry. Even if you don't routinely write about medicine or biology, if you just happen to have written about your gall bladder surgery that week or the pileated woodpecker that has taken to waking you every morning, if you think you've said something interesting and insightful, send it in.


  1. Hi CAE! For some reason I had it in my mind that there was more time before the carnival. If I get mine in by noon tomorrow, will that be good enough? Sorry for being so late.

  2. Sure, no problem! If you're talking about the one we discussed by IM though, mine definitely won't be ready on time.

  3. No, I haven't even started on that one. :-) I actually managed to get my act together and sent the link for my submission to the TB email address last night (or rather, early this morning). Looking forward to reading all the other submissions!


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