Thursday, April 10, 2008


A cycling jacket that tells drivers when you're braking, accelerating or turning?

Sign me up!

And to people who honk at me when I turn left (from one designated bike route onto another) on that steep downhill stretch: the reason I didn't signal is that I need BOTH my hands to work the brakes, otherwise I won't be able to make the turn. Moving into the centre of the road and repeatedly shoulder checking should be good enough signs that I'm about to turn.




  1. This is awesome. I am totally going to suggest everyone in my tri club gets one. Now they just need a Tshirt for summer riding!



  2. I get the impression it's not ready for sale yet. But a whole group of cyclists with indicator jackets? That would be pretty cool, and might even make the occasional driver slow down a bit!

  3. If anyone sees this on sale anywhere, please let me know! If I see it, I'll post about it! It's so frustrating when these things are promised, but not delivered for years...

  4. maybe you should make one yourself...

  5. Hmm. I'm not sure I've got the right skill set for that, although if drivers slow down to get a better look at the sparks and smoke coming off my jacket it might be a little safer for me.

  6. From, "The jacket is expected to retail at £100 and the product is planned for release towards the end of the year. A slight delay maybe caused by the fact that a manufacturer is yet to be found."

  7. I hope it's ready in time for next winter!


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