Friday, May 2, 2008

Shuffle meme - scores and answers

Well, the response was great, especially considering the number of album tracks on there! Thanks everyone who took part, this was a really fun meme!

With one point available for each correct song title and band name*, how did everyone do?

1st with 8 points, EcoGeoFemme
=2nd with 5 points, Arduous and Dancing Fish
=4th with 4 points, Makita and Mad Hatter
=6th with 2 points, Kyrsten, ScienceGirl, StepwiseGirl and Ceresina
9th with 1 point, HypoglycemiaGirl

Here are the outstanding answers, complete with video links and waffle.

3) Although my lover lives, In a place that I can't live,
Come on Home, by Franz Ferdinand.

This is my favourite song of theirs. We saw them live a couple of years ago and they were fabulous. I've never seen anyone play guitar while standing on a drum kit before. Shame about the second album though.

5) I've got a rabbit, it likes to hop
Intimate Secretary, by the Raconteurs

Ceresina gets a point for the band's name! I bought this album because I think Jack White is a genius guitar god and I wanted to hear what he sounds like with a proper drummer and a bass behind him. Well, the answer is, not as good as he sounds in the White Stripes.

I'd always liked the Stripes, but didn't truly appreciate them until I saw them live at the loudest show EVAH. It isn't until you see for yourself that one man is making all that noise that you realise just how good he actually is. He makes that guitar sound like it has a personality, an opinion. It sings, man.

Here's Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, just because it's awesome. The guitar solo kicks in at about 02:03.

9) You can force it but it will not come
DancingFish recognised this as Radiohead, but the song title is a bit obscure (Planet Telex).

The Bends is one of the few albums that I prefer to listen to in its entirety (the others being Graceland and Abbey Road, which loses the uniqueness of the medley on the second half if you play it on shuffle). My favourite song is probably High and Dry - I've never quite worked out what it's all about, but on occasion it's actually made me tear up.

11) Once upon a time, Not too long ago, Took a day out in Manchester

Whippin' Piccadilly, by Gomez.

Best live band I've ever seen - and I've seen U2, twice. I've seen Gomez four or five times now and would happily see them again and again, any time they're in town. I can't recommend them highly enough. Favourite song? Anything on the first two albums, but Hangover Girl is a standout for me. Too bad there's only a short clip of it on YouTube! If this meme inspires you to check out one new band, it should definitely be Gomez.

14) I tried it, I couldn't fight it, Now I just wanna get back to me
Man I Used to Be, by K-OS.

I would have been astonished if anyone got this, because he's not even all that well known in Canada (well, not on the West coast anyway). He deserves a much wider audience. Mr E Man and I got into him after hearing the audacious Crabbuckit on the radio one day.

18) We were walking, Walking in two worlds

Jack Names the Planets, by Ash.

This is a ridiculous song, but I love it. They're probably best known for Girl from Mars. Another good live band.

19) You're so young, And you know so much
Queen of the New Year, by Deacon Blue (only clip I could find, sorry for the quality!)

My all-time favourite Scottish band. Your Swaying Arms was "our song" with an ex-boyfriend, as the lyrics include some Glaswegian references that were meaningful to us ("One day I can see us walking, Arm in arm in sheltered Kelvin way"). It took me a couple of years to be able to listen to it again, but luckily I can now visualise just Glasgow when I hear it, rather than its previous bastardly inhabitant!

21) Stop making the eyes at me, I'll stop making my eyes at you

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor, by the Arctic Monkeys

Ceresina got this band's name too. The photo I linked to suddenly makes sense! I defy you not to dance around like a crazy person when this comes on. I didn't like the album much, but this song was an instant classic!

24) The word is about, There's something evolving

History Repeating, by the Propellerheads with Shirley Bassey.

It was worth buying the album just for this one song, although there is some other good stuff on there too.

It's fun reminiscing about all those live shows, on the day that I'm going to my first gig in months! Danko Jones, at the Commodore - my second favourite indoor venue after Glasgow's legendary Barrowlands. My friend's been into the band for years and they're finally playing in Vancouver. He couldn't persuade any of us to go down to Seattle with him to see them last year, but there's a good group going tonight. It's gonna be LOUD.

*The reason I didn't tell you that this was a competition is that I just made it up.


  1. D once woke me up after a nasty hangover by singing "Hangover Girl" and then playing it for me at loud volume. I nearly killed him. Throughout the day after, it would 'sneak' its way onto the stereo...

  2. I missed this game when it first came out, and would have liked to have played. Lose Yourself was my ironman inspiration song - I listened to it over and over again every time I was getting ready for one of the massive workouts, so I could keep focused on why I was doing it (one shot, and all that). Of course, my husband just liked the next song on the CD because it made him laugh so we always had to listen to both on the way to workouts! Guess which one sticks in your head longer?


  3. I can't believe you are done over here! You should head over to my blog a and help guessing (more than 50% to go!)

  4. Hey, I didn't know you were keeping score! Can I convert my points into something chocolate? :-)

  5. Kyrsten - that's cruel! Mind you, I once blasted my ex repeatedly with Sgt Pepper when he was almost comatose with a hangover. That album is painful if you're not feeling well!

    Mermaid, sorry about the timing! I love that song when I'm at the gym too. What was the next song on the CD?

    ScienceGirl, I figured a week was enough, and I didn't think anyone was going to get any of the remaining answers! I looked at your clues and I'm still completely stuck... I'm not as good at this meme as I thought I'd be!

    Mad Hatter, seeing as it's Friday, why not have one beer for each point? EGF will be hammered if she tries this...

  6. I can't believe I didn't get History Repeating. I only had that song on repeat for an entire summer.

  7. This is the album I have:, the song directly after is 'Shake That' (*ss for me......).

  8. Arduous - maybe you listened to it so many times you stopped hearing it? (Ooh, deep philosophy for a Friday afternoon, that).

    Mermaid, I don't know that one! Please sing it for me on Thursday ;)

  9. Yes, I'd be puking. I love beer but I can't drink more than 4, tops (I'm small).

    Also, 14 is on the radio here a lot, but I didn't know the name. the band is unfamiliar too even now that you've posted it.

  10. I managed 5 on Friday - and then 2 Tylenol on Saturday. Not smart.

  11. Yay! Although 5 beers wouldn't be good for me! I also love The Bends, and High and Dry in particular.

  12. 5 beers was definitely not good for me at the weekend. Still, it's not often I go to a genuine rock concert!

    The Bends is indeed a great album. It's one of the few permanent inhabitants of the car's CD changer. Mr E Man and I both have our own copy, which I think was the only duplicate in our two collections, so it's often on in the house too!


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