Monday, May 5, 2008

Random bullets of lazy posting

  • I have discovered a new diet. It is called the Don't Bring Any Food To Work, Forget Your Wallet, And Don't Have Time To Find Someone Who Can Lend You Any Lunch Money Diet. 100% success guaranteed. May cause stomach to growl audibly while talking to your boss. Send me $29.99 and I'll tell you how it works!
  • As with my last big grant deadline, I have made up a new word this week. Unformation - unhelpful information.
  • A mother-in-law who is a keen gardener but says "your garden looks so colourful!" instead of "my goodness, what a lot of dandelions!" is a wonderful thing.
  • It is best to check the wedding video your friend kindly made for you for inappropriate comments about kilts and wedding nights before watching it for the first time with your mother-in-law. (In retrospect we shouldn't have allowed said friend to interview our other guests after they'd been at the open bar for a couple of hours).
  • A mother-in-law who doesn't comment on the above is an even more wonderful thing.
  • There is nothing cuter than two cats playing together in a box that is too small for them, alternating between play fighting and cleaning each other's ears.
  • Young nephews will tend to agree with the above sentiment.
  • Cats will tend to run away from said nephews.
The weekend was fun, but a little chaotic! Big deadline this week! Proper posts soon...


  1. I am familiar with said diet. It works well but it makes your afternoon at work hell.

  2. Cats in boxes = hours of fun!
    My advisor's stomach is always growling. We have to bring snacks to lab meetings to try to stop it!

  3. Yeah, I was flagging by the end of the day! Unfortunately I ended up staying later than usual, then coming home and eating a HUGE dinner. Back to normal today!

    DF, that's a great ploy by your adviser to get his/her staff to bring food in!

  4. Damn your header picture is gorgeous!

    If I was still in town I would have brought you a sandwich!

  5. Thanks on both counts! My building is a bit of a hike from your old one though.

    Actually Mermaid did bring me a sandwich (and a cookie!) on a different day, when I was super crazy busy. I wasn't there, so she found my desk by looking for the mess, then verified it was my mess by the wedding photo buried under all the paper...

    I scanned that sunset photo in for my post about why I came to Vancouver, and I liked it so much that I decided it needed more prominence!

  6. Oooh, can we trade mother-in-laws? (Although I think I might like you too much to do that to you).

  7. Based on your last post: sorry, but no! Try Mermaid if you want an in-law trade ;)


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