Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's all go and visit Okham instead!

This hilarious commercial sums up an experience that Mr E Man and I had at the weekend.

Yup, flights home for Christmas = $crazy amount + >75% in fees, taxes and surcharges, FFS. We even had to call the bank to increase the limit on our credit card.

And then we submitted our requests for 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Winter Olympics tickets. If demand outstrips supply (for the Men's Hockey Gold Medal Game, d'ya think, maybe?) we will get entered into a lottery. The various lotteries will take place sometime between November 8th and 23rd. There is no way of knowing exactly when our draws will take place. (We also signed up for snowboarding, freestyle aerials and curling). They will charge our credit cards immediately if we are successful.

So, yeah, we're going to have to clear both credit cards by then, and keep them clear for two weeks... is it just me or is this a crazy system?

I don't want to moan really, given that the current financial crisis is affecting so many people in such serious ways. And Olympic hockey tickets are the very definition of luxury items. (The flights are actually more or less a necessity, my parents might just kill me if I miss my third UK Christmas in a row).

But c'mon.


  1. You're lucky it was only 75%! I was looking at some flights back to the UK for March and it was more than 100% I'd rather these costs were in the ticket and one didn't have to know about them! Knowing about them isn't helping reduce them any. I guess the reason it was 'only' 75% is that your ticket was more expensive. Me I'm staying this side of the pond for Christmas, for the first time. The jet lag is so bad at that time of the year and the cost so much I figured it was worth a try.

  2. I wanted to go to Far Off Land for Christmas, but the tickets were...wait for it... FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. each. EGM is going for ~6 weeks to do field work and is only spending about a week holiday at Christmas with his family. His ticket will be much cheaper because of the different dates (and his work will be paying fo it). I just cannot possibly justify that much money for one week. The prices might come down a little as it gets closer, but still. At least I can avoid the conversation with my mom where I tell her I wont' be there for Christmas.

  3. This is one of the many reasons why 1993 was the last time I flew home for Christmas... this year, though, we are not staying home -- flying to NiceWarmTropicalDestination on Dec 25 until the new year... but I can leave the key under the doormat for you...

  4. hm, I just looked if I am booking my ticket home in January I pay 15% in taxes and charges.... For Christmas the ticket is more than twice as expensive though.

    Last year I ended up taking the flight leaving the 29th of Dec since the price was $900 instead of..... $1800 to be home for Christmas. This year my parents won't see me either. It's not just that I am cheap I guess, I want to be able t osay hi to friends too - and hols are kind of hard to squeeze all in.

  5. Dr J, that is not very comforting!!! We chose our dates carefully to try and avoid the worst of the price gouging, so we are both arriving and leaving the UK earlier than we wanted to (coming back between Xmas and New Year).

    I am cursing the collapse of Zoom who were always much cheaper, even at Xmas.

    Eco and Okham, the prices are indeed crazy! I really have no choice this year though... my parents are not all that religious, but Xmas is still a really big deal for them. We spent the last 2 with Mr E Man's mum and various siblings /nephews / niece, so off to the UK we go this time... it will probably be the last time in a while that Mr E Man comes with me though.

    Front or back doormat though Okham? Just in case...

    Chall, it really is sooooo tough to fit everyone in and keep everyone happy! Especially when my friends and relatives are spread out from Glasgow to Kent... I'm going back by myself for a wedding in May so I will have to tell some people that I'll see them then instead.

  6. Thankfully, Christmas in Ukraine is 2 weeks later than everywhere else (good planning, eh?). Since my Grandpa is turning 80 next month (and we don't get to go), we pretty much must go for Christmas. Still expensive, but not as expensive as going for December 25th.

    About 'em Olympics... I'd love to go as I have never been to the games, and I absolutely love the winter Olympics, AND Vancouver is relatively close and on my list to visit. Except I don't even know where I will be living at that time. How is the girl to plan anything that far in advance?

  7. Front or back doormat though Okham? Just in case...

    Front. Back door pretty much freezes shut in Winter. I'll leave instructions for using the snowblower... just kidding, I don't have a snowblower, you are going to have to use the shovel...

  8. ScienceGirl, that is good planning!

    Olympics tickets... I think you should apply as soon as they become available (Canadian residents only at the moment). If you can make it, great! If you can't, well, I'm sure you can find at least one person who would buy them from you...

    Especially if they are hockey final tickets!

    Okham, thank you for that information. Now please state your full address, and the dates when you will be out of town, for the benefit of the internet. Thx.

  9. Now please state your full address, and the dates when you will be out of town, for the benefit of the internet.

    Well, who knows, Santa might just reward me with that iPhone, after all... I have been sooooo good....


    PS What's up with blogger now ? It won't let me sign in...

  10. Santa doesn't believe in atheists.

    Blogger was truly screwed up yesterday, it ate a bunch of my comments and then locked me out.

  11. Wow, what a markup! We are trying to go on our first vacation together and flights are ridiculous. Luckily, both sets of parents have been warned that we won't be around for the holidays...I just hope we can get ourselves somewhere!

    I'm totally jealous of your proximity to the Olympics!

  12. Heh heh, yes it is a once in a lifetime thing. Although I may actually go and stay with my sister in London in 2012.


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