Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hey, sports fans!

A friend of mine came up with a fun quiz in the pub on Saturday. As originally stated: how many professional sports teams have a name that does NOT end in the letter S? (i.e. no CanuckS, OilerS, PatriotS, DolphinS etc).

After I started to list Newcastle United, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and showed no signs of stopping, the quiz was restricted to North American teams only.

After I started to list the LA Galaxy, Columbus Crew and New England Revolution, MLS teams were also excluded as being atypical of North American naming conventions.

We came up with eight, across the NHL, NBA and whatever initials you give your baseball league - not bad considering that none of us watch any basketball or baseball! A brief scan of Wikipedia indicates that we missed at least one... can you do any better?


  1. NBA:
    Jazz, Heat, Magic, Thunder
    Avalanche, Wild, Lightning
    Red Sox, White Sox

  2. Whoa, who was that spoiling all the fun for everyone else and making me think of something else to write about sooner than I wanted to?!

  3. hm, I thought they were called THe Avalanches.... but Minnesota Wild is true though.

    Cath: I spent a good portion of the day thinking about NHL.... and NFL... the others I know nothing about ;)

    I am long overdue for a blog thing too... but other things to write are more pressing.

  4. Nah, it's definitely just the Avalanche. Shamefully, I didn't get that or the Wild, even though they're both in the Canucks' division. I got Tampa Bay though, and the White Sox (although only after someone else got the Red Sox, so it doesn't really count).

  5. We used to play a similar game on field work related road trips. If you add in college teams you get way more!

  6. Cool! I doubt that many non-Americans could name any college teams though, US or otherwise... the interest in college sports is pretty much a uniquely American thing!

  7. WNBA has a lot, too, including my linguistically-speaking favorite, the Lynx.

  8. Knowledge of the NBA is pushing it in Canada - WNBA is an even murkier mystery! The Lynx is a great name though - which team is that?


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