Thursday, December 4, 2008

Note to self: Real life is not like the blogosphere

1) Bathroom walls do not come with comment moderation

Graffiti seen in a bar recently:

"Ladies: is it OK to think that your guy is not The One, if you don't believe in The One?"

The replies indicate that the answer might depend on certain aspects of his anatomy. Some comments were off-topic, and almost all of them were very rude indeed. I suspect that, in the absence of moderation privileges, the owner of this group blog might choose to delete the post entirely.

2) The conversation at the next table does not have comments enabled at all

Well, not in Vancouver anyway. In some bars in some of my former cities it would have been perfectly acceptable to lean over and join the very interesting conversation that our neighbours were having about English grammar. But in this particular bar, I had to almost physically hold myself back from commenting.

3) It is not possible to label outgoing Microsoft Outlook (i.e. work) emails with my "silliness" tag.

I therefore have to compose the body of the message a wee bit more carefully.

New mantra: "Real life is not like the blogosphere. Repeat. Retain. Restrain yourself, woman".


Also: does anyone want to come and play a "guess the book by a random quote" meme over at Nature Network? If you don't want to register there, you can leave your guesses here.


  1. bathroom graffiti is always so bizarre....

  2. hmm, just one of those things we poor men miss out on. unsullied paint all around...

  3. Yeah right... not what I hear from my male friends when we're comparing notes on hilarious graffiti!

    Most of the stuff in the Ladies is less than lady-like.


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