Thursday, December 4, 2008


OK Mr Harper, so it's UNDEMOCRATIC for elected MPs to form a coalition to defeat your government, but it's somehow perfectly fine to get your boss to suspend Parliament so you can avoid a vote that you're sure to lose?

Man, I am gonna fail my citizenship test soooo badly if the above statement is actually true. How could anyone pick that option as the correct answer?


Maybe I should emigrate to Obamaland.


  1. I am sorry, it's HER decision to prorogue, and it is a disgraceful one. She made the wrong decision, and by doing so, she has set a terrible precedent. SHE is the one who screwed up big time. There is NO excuse.

  2. I agree that she just made a HUGE mistake. But Harper is running around calling everyone else a threat to democracy, and it's the hypocrisy that I really, really abhor.

    I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the GG position, and therefore potentially of the monarchy in Canada...

  3. I'm with you both that it's ridiculous to think that a prorogue at this point is a good idea, but I know there's a lot of people that think the Governor General would be doing more harm to her position by allowing the coalition to govern.
    All in all though, hopefully something crazy will happen that unites Canada instead of continuing the divisions that the politicians are encouraging.

  4. Isn't Harper shooing himself in the foot? I would guess he's just delayed the vote of no confidence, and either the opposition will form a government, or there will be a general election, in which he'll be labelled "undemocratic" by almost all and sundry.

  5. Isn't Harper shooing himself in the foot?

    Harper has no choice at this point but do what he is doing, i.e., stall everything, and hope that time is on his side. Six months form now nobody will remember this.
    Harper really did himself in with the budget.

    If he had been lost a no-confidence vote and gone back to the opposition (as it would have happened, had it not been for this bizarre, partisan intervention by the GG, who has literally offered him a life line), he would have been immediately disposed of by his own party.

  6. you mean, Obamaland with Gates remaining as secretary and more guns than you can possible count? Oh and did I mention no universal health care for CHILDREN, or the 12 million poor children without food each day?

    yeah, my new country of residency has some things to tweak... I still like it, don't get me wrong,but if "someone" could work in Canada I would be on the first flight there since I can work there.

    I miss Vancouver.

    On the real issue with Harper, I wonder if he has heard the story about Peter and the wolf? What about that time it really IS undemocratic? (oh I remembered, we will change the meaning of the word) [I'm off to coffee and not being so cynical] ;)

  7. Corey, I guess the GG was screwed either way... I really think the long-term fall-out of this escapade could be a change in the role of the monarchy.

    Oh, and "All in all though, hopefully something crazy will happen that unites Canada instead of continuing the divisions that the politicians are encouraging."

    World Juniors? ;)

    Bob, hopefully the delay will allow the opposition to organise better, potentially get rid of Dion, and be altogether in a stronger position by the time the vote comes around. Or, implode in a barrage of in-fighting. Either could happen...

    Okham, I hope Harper's days are numbered either way... I want to go back to the days of thinking of only Newcastle's second-choice goalie when I hear that name.

    Chall, I was kidding about moving - with the possible exception of San Fran I really couldn't live there, as much as I enjoy visiting. I do enjoy the irony of the reversal of the usual situation though - i.e. liberal Americans threatening to move to Canada to escape the breakdown of democracy...

  8. It was a sad day for democracy. Not because parliment was prorogued but because of the mis-information being put out.

    I am not sure if there was a right or wrong decision. It is a dangerous precedent that was set, but having Dion as PM wasn't a good idea either. The conservatives were / are willing to play regional politics which could ignite another unity crisis, something we don't need.

    Its a lose-lose situation. Thankfully the liberals are moving to get rid of Dion and have a permanent leader in by the next session.

  9. Yeah, maybe losing Dion will be a tipping point that'll make Harper regret the delay in voting! (We can always hope). Did you see the opinion polls based on Dion vs. Ignatieff as leader? If the polls are accurate (ha!) there'd a very substantial boost to the Liberals if they do switch leader.

    I actually think Dion is a good bloke, just a horrible pick for party leader. We were talking about this yesterday and Mr E Man was bemoaning the fact that Canadian politics can't rise above US-style personality politics... but I think it's just human nature, sadly.


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