Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Puck off

I'm not going to comment on the result of last night's World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal game*, for fear of a certain Swede coming up here and clobbering me. I wanted to focus instead on one particular aspect of TSN's pre-game coverage.

Between live on-ice updates and taped interviews with coaches and former players, the announcers chatted with a studio guest - none other than that smug git our esteemed Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Mr E Man turned to me incredulously.

"What the fuck's he doing there?!" he asked.

"It's a good thing", I replied. "If it starts to look like we're going to lose, he'll suspend the game and hope the Swedish team self-destructs before play restarts".

Fnar fnar.

Seriously, how is Harper still PM? And while we're at it, how is Bush still POTUS? The instant change-over you get in the UK and Canada is too short a transition, but the American transistion is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

Methinks 2009 will improve greatly when both men are gone.


*Other than a brief "woo hoo!"


  1. Yes, it will be nice to see the back of GWB. Harpoon I'm not so sure we will be so lucky, he seemed quite emboldened by failing to win the last election again.

    Myself, I quite like the rapid British handover, which is presumably possible because of a separate civil service. When the Tories were booted out they had overstayed their welcome so long that the stench of them another minute longer would have been unbearable.

  2. I thankfully missed that part. Actually I missed most of the game because ...I forgot! *gasp*Aghast!* Were the canadians really that bad? or is Chall just whining?

  3. haha Cath. You're cute. I might have been a tad bit.. .ehh... too angry? "in the heat of the game" and all. (although they did behave like brats.)

    I read why there is such a long time between the election in november and the inauguration in Jan. the votes had to have the time to go by coach (horse and stuff) to the White house to get counted/re counted.

    As we all know, it is also bad to change one's constitution.... (yeah, irony) but in one way it might be good to have about two months to get your act together and select the government etc?!

    I can agree that I might be whinig a bit, but I agreed (even at the night in question) that the Canadian team was probably better than the swedes even if they behaved like ogres. That the Swedes would have been better off not loosing their cool is another one, they're young though. (obviously I am too since I have my temper still... :) )

    this makes me glad I cut out the bad bad bad words i wrote in the middle of the second period... ;)

  4. forgot. Why Harper is still PM though, I can't answer.

    Because he is omnipotent? (is that the word I am looking for?) Or just a good friend with the GG?

  5. Dr J, we can but hope. We got a lot of stick from British friends and family on our trip over the "Canadian way" - going to lose a vote? Suspend parliament!

    I agree that it was gratifying to see the moving van arrive so quickly at Number 10 on that fine 1997 day... but I always think they should give it a week or two. The fact that the civil service is effectively running everything anyway is rather disconcerting...

    SM, WHAT??!! Call yourself Canadian??!! It was a pretty rough and tumble, physical game - but that goes both ways. And we took a huge number of penalties in the 2nd - it seemed like one continuous Swedish powerplay (inluding some 5 on 3 minutes) that we barely survived. The 1st period was great though, more flow and lots of shot on goal. And a person's perspective on a given game will always depend on which side they are supporting!

    Chall, don't hit me! ;)

    Interesting on the reason for the delay in the US! Too bad that Bush seems to think that the delay is meant for passing all kinds of dastardly legislation - see Pharyngula this morning.

    Harper still being PM is all about the GG. I sincerely hope that he is not truly omnipotent...

  6. CAth> I won't.

    I will however say that part of my annoyment (anger) was the fact that ther swedes did not seem to be able to shoot at goal in the first period and to fail to make a goal (after finding it and shooting at it more than 23 times in the second) even when in silly amounts of power play.

    I guess that is the main reason though?! They failed to actually put the puck in the goal. which is, kind of obviously, important for winning.....

    let's see what happens tomorrow with the Canucks... I am dreading it. Need to decide if I have thrown away my Number 13 shirt or if I am keeping it.... ;)

  7. Tonight! (Maybe).

    There is so much hype about Sundin, it's crazy. At a NYE party someone asked us all what was our favourite part of 2008 (I said this trip). Mr E Man chose Obama's election, and the rest of the group chose Sundin becoming a Canuck!

    Another friend met Sundin last week and said he was very nice, and tipped well ;)

  8. p.s. last night we saw some friends who will be having their 3rd child/1st girl on Friday (planned c-section). The father had bought the cheapest pink Canucks jersey in the store - half price because it has Naslund's name on it! And apparently he doesn't remember how big babies are, because the shirt would be big on his wife. And yes, this is the same friend who named his first child Linden!

  9. CAth> HAHA. THAT is priceless!! you have got to ask is he can pose with the baby and the shirt for a pis :)

    at least you know what to give the baby/mom/father/older sibling as a pressie = canucks gear

    Still on the fence with my infatuation. Guess I might be [gasp] jealous of the swedish gf with blonde hair. Petty me. I'd better get over that real fast ;)
    [needless to say, if any children come along the name mats will not be a choice.]


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