Friday, February 27, 2009

For my Swedish friends

This popped up on the Scotland Introducing podcast from the BBC... 

I'm sorry, but I laughed.


  1. I can't open it at work but my guess is that it is the "language and pronounciation files"?!

    I laugh(ed) too. They are precious. The female voice who says things "as they are supposedly said" might be a bit computer-like in her very _accurate_ slow pronounciation, but it isn't wrong. It makes it all the more fun of course ;)

  2. btw, I think one of my faves is "Sju sjösjuka sjömän på skeppet Shanghai sköljde sju skjortor i sjön." or "Sex laxar i en laxask" since those are hard even for Swedish natives, if they are spoken fast...

    A link to read, if not to hear :

  3. Oh, sorry, maybe I messed up the link - it's supposed to be a song about Sweden, I didn't hear the computer-like pronunciation stuff. Like you I can't access this at work - it'll have to wait until I get home.

  4. p.s. the shared MP3 is linked from this page - see the "Baltic Sea" link at the bottom.

  5. haha, it was a somewhat cute song.

    This is the link for the thing I was babbling about:

    see what you think ;)

  6. Does "somewhat cute" mean that you do or do not want to kick my butt for posting this? ;)

  7. of course not. How can I be annoyed when someone dedicates a whole post to me (my native land and my fellow countrymen) ?!?! ;) ego ego ego.... All attention is good, is it not?!!? ;)


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