Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bike polo

I was hangin' in my old hood yesterday, and saw these guys on the tennis courts:

Cool! I guess the solid wheels are meant to prevent someone's stick going through the spokes.

It still got pretty physical though:

And a couple of people got knocked off their bikes, although obviously the most spectacular crash happened just after I'd put my phone away.

They were having tons of fun. But, given that when setting out for the Drive, I managed to fall off my own bike before I even got on it*, I think I'd better pass.


*I also forgot my lock and had to spend $55 on a new one. D'oh! 


  1. Hmmmm, interesting. Don't like the wheel though!

  2. I guess none of them were sufficiently cultured to have white solid wheels, with "POLO" written along one side in raised letters.

  3. Dr J, I guess it's function over style!

    Bob, that would be AWESOME. I want to get a wheel like that and play polo now. (For any non-British readers, this might help explain the joke)

  4. Yeah, I totally wasn't going to get that joke without your help :) How fast were the bikers going most of the time?

    P.S. I am glad to see some of the old favorite pics on the side of the blog as I type this, but man, I could have lived without a reminder of that worm-looking thingy that tried living in your friend!

  5. They weren't going super fast, except at the very beginning of each round, when the ball's in the middle of the court and the two teams are racing towards it from either end. The rest of the time it was more about getting into the right positions than speeding. This is the only game I've ever seen though, so I've no idea what standard they were at, and what speed the world's top players would reach. (They'd probably have a bigger court, for a start).

  6. What coordination! I guess it is the same for horse polo but steering with your non-dominant hand seems like it would be really difficult!

  7. Bike polo looks watch. I think I lost my taste for skinning my knees on my 9th birthday or so.

  8. Albatross, at least on a horse, it won't fall over if you steer wrong or shift your balance off by just a little bit! I think I would need stabilisers on my bike.

    Phizzle, yeah, no kidding... I once fell on tarmac with some loose gravelly bits when I was 17 and skinned my knee, and it was NOT fun. Especially because it was summer and I had to keep my knees covered for a few weeks to avoid the taunting. Ah well, that'll teach me to run on hard surfaces wearing field hockey boots (the studs skidded).


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