Monday, March 16, 2009


Here's my addition to the baby photos meme that Professor in Training started. The only photo I could get my hands on was the one my oldest cushion* posted on Facebook last year:

From left to right: Cushion 1, Sister, Cushion 2, Me

Comments from Facebook:

C2: ah, dont we all look sweet! thought id start the ball rolling on this 1! my hairstyle in this certainally leaves a lot to be desired! x

Me: Does [C1 & C2's Mum] still have the pudding bowl she used for [C1's] hair?

C2: no, she passed it on to him as an 18th birthday present to be passed down to the next generation of [surnames!] im pleased to say that it sits in pride of place on his mantlepiece!!!!

Sis: Don't you think [C1] looks a bit like [C2's daughter] in this one? (no offence to [C2's daughter], that is!) Cath - you've hardly changed!

C2: no offence taken lol! but yes i think ur right, there is a small resemblence but luckily [my daughter] has avoided the pudding basin look!

C1: Hello everyone, and what is wrong with pudding basin haircuts!?!?!?!?! Anyway [my daughter] likes using the bowl as a crash helmet. And what about all our lovely clothes!!

C2: im glad to hear that and im sure [your daughter] is proud of her family heirloom!

C1: She most certainly is :o)

Sis: Cath and I had pretty similar haircuts at one time soon, in fact I think there's a photo of the pair of us with that beautiful hair in pride of place in mum and dad's living room!

Me: I don't know what [C2] was doing to me, but I don't look happy!

C2: I was just being a good big cushion! maybe it was just your shock at mine and [C1's] groovy haircuts!!

My family is Teh Awesome.

*This is what my sister and I called our cousins when we were little, and the name stuck. So now we have a group of six thirty- and forty-somethings shouting "CUSHION!!!" at each other whenever we meet.


  1. The two younger ones, including you, look a bit stunned to be in the photo, whereas the other two look quite happy about it all!

  2. Exactly how all pictures from childhood should be, funny AND cute.

  3. Very cute. I like the whole 'cushion' thing. :)

  4. haha - Cushions!! (I admit, it took me a while to understand.... ;) )

    You are adorabe in the pic though! I am enviuos that y'all have photos to upload... I have none on file.... ah well, might as well be happy over all the other cuteie photos :)

  5. SF, it was at my Auntie's house in South-East England. We were living in Germany at the time and didn't come back very often - maybe that's why we look stunned!

    XX, indeed! I'll have to see what I can dig out from my parents' stash next time I'm home.

    CE, thanks! I think our parents probably encouraged us to keep it going as we grew up, and now it's "our thing" and is being passed on to my cushions' kids.

    Chall. thanks! I don't have any hard copies of my own, it was just lucky that this ended up on FB. My Mum won't even let me have my own birth certificate - she sends me copies whenever I need them - so the odds of getting my hands on any originals are not good.

  6. Any ideas at to what book your are clenching in your little hands? (It would be most funny to have evidence of you reading Darwin back then ;)

  7. No idea, but I'd be shocked if it was anything other than some picture book with farm animals in it!


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