Friday, March 20, 2009

How is this a FAIL?

This breakfast looks full of WIN! to me.

Makes my tea and bagel look rather pedestrian.


  1. The picture was probably taken by a teetotaler.

  2. No doubt.

    Although I should say that alcohol with lunch sends me to sleep, and I can't stomach it any earlier than lunchtime.

    Of course, when you're on holiday, meal times vary wildly.

  3. Ha - awesome! Looks like the sort of place my PhD advisor would shop at regularly.

  4. Mine too!

    I love the random inclusion of cheese.

  5. The cheese lends the place an air of sophistication ... exactly what my advisor would have wanted with his $5 cask of wine!

  6. I think the inclusion of cheese definitely qualifies the entire package for breakfast status. Possibly the Fail people didn't have a sense of imagination, or maybe they simply prefer cereal with their beer in the morning!


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