Friday, March 20, 2009

Some laws are made to be broken

Like laws that impose a statute of limitations on genocide.

They should put this guy on trial.


  1. Me thinks this might be a bad move for him ... Mossad may see to that.

  2. Well, a fair trial would obviously be far preferable. But, yeah, there are gonna be a lot of people after him...

  3. I think the cause of humanity is greatly advance by the sight of a fair trial, sometimes even conducted many years later. That way it can be clear to all that even if they escape the initial event that they can still be hunted down and made to account.

  4. hm, I agree with Dr J. There is something about "learning and not repeating history" if there are trials and responsibility handed out afterwards.

    I am always wondering how these people have dealt with their lives after the crime. I guess there are things I really do not understand.

  5. I agree too.

    Chall, I don't understand either. Maybe if you're able to do such things in the first place, you're able to live with it?


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