Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stephen Colbert is a freakin' genius

This is one of the funniest things I've seen on TV since Tina Fey was Sarah Palin.


  1. I'm a bit disturbed that his pin-striped hoodie makes him look like John Major.

  2. I know, isn't he awesome? I really love the man. He is SO GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES. Even his littler finger twirls are funny. But the Steele rap is genius. Have you seem his Doom Bunker episode? I LOVE THAT ONE.

  3. Bob, that's hilarious! I always quite liked John Major, despite his politics. Seems like a nice bloke. Even the revelation about his affair with Eggwina made me laugh rather than condemn!

    Phizzle, he rocks! The Doom Bunker was hilarious, I loved how he got that army dude to say that he would be unlikely to give an order to fire nukes at evil giant robots.

    Dr A, me too!

  4. Bloody brilliant as well! I love Colbert because he along with a number of other comedians do the best style of tongue in cheek parody...and unlike Jon Stewart I feel, do not bother explaining their jokes and instead you either get them or you don't...and in which case you book Colbert to do the Whitehouse Press Association dinner without realising what will likely happen!

  5. Yeah, the after dinner speech was quite audacious and very, very, very, funny.

    I do like Jon Stewart too. Very different style though, as you said.

  6. I love Colbert. BTW, Cath have you seen this?

  7. Awesome, ruchi.

    I saw that Colbert rap bit on tv a little while ago. Can you imagine how long it must have taken the show's staff to go through all those clips to assemble that rap? Frigging a-mazing.

  8. Ruchi, I'd seen him mention it on the show, but I didn't know it had worked - that's awesome! I hope NASA have a sense of humour and let the name stand...

    Bean-Mom, it was impressive indeed!


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