Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice

Is anyone else watching it?

How crazy was last night's episode??!!

I was howling with laughter at the end, to the extent that Mr E Man (trying to sleep in the next room) had to ask me to be quiet. I taped it for him and just had to watch the last 10 minutes again as soon as I got up this morning.

Annie is pretty devious*, but the Rivers women... WOW.

ETA: I found video! Enjoy!


*I like her though, I hope she wins. Her or Jesse.


  1. Damn! That was insane. Did Joan quit too? Or was she just walking off the set in solidarity? Hoo, I thought no one could be worse than Omarosa but maybe I was wrong.

  2. Not sure... I guess we'll find out next week!

    I am sooooooooo going to call someone a "whore pit viper" at my next poker game. Preferably a guy.

  3. haha, that was precious. I jsut didn't understand why she was so mad.... was she tricked? please do tell!!!

    And yeah, I am kind of fascinated with the two of them. THy are so evil at the red carpet but entertaining too... and at least Joan can joke about herself.

    it was funny to see everyone being so scared of Melissa :)

    and there were some good cursing in there :)

  4. Context doesn't help much! Annie (the red-head) is playing everyone like a good poker player should, and the most dysfunctional mother-daughter duo EVER have decided to hate her because of it. A few of our friends are watching too, and our take is that Joan Rivers only agreed to be on the show if her daughter got to be on it too, wanted Melissa to win, and sees Annie as the main threat to that happening...

  5. I haven't been watching this season but that was fascinatingly scary!!!

  6. btw, I still can't get over that Jesse is married to Sandra Bullock :) it is so cute!!

  7. Phizzle, I know people who don't like the celeb version because "it's not real", but I think it's all the better for that! The contestants don't have to suck up to Donald Trump (who is becoming ever more cartoonish) so much and it's way more entertaining as a result.

    Chall, Mr E Man's reaction to that news was really funny, because he really likes Jesse, but has always hated Sandra Bullock with a passion that he can't even explain. It's just a visceral, gut hatred of her!

    SM, and it's even still funny the 3rd and 4th time! Sunday should be entertaining.


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