Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round Two!!!

Leave your predictions, reactions, trash talk and general playoff fever here!

Series: I say Canucks in six.

Tonight's game: I say 3-2 Canucks, with goals from Alex Burrows, Henrik Sedin and Sami Salo.

(Edited after game one to add this photo of Kyle "not very" Wellwood. This is going to be a tough series!)



  1. Hmmm...I do think the Canucks will take the series, but in 7. Chicago will be a lot harder than St. Louis to deal with.

    The only other series that interests me is Washington/Pittsburgh - that should be a good one!

  2. Well, hopefully your guys did a good enough job of beating up the Hawks while our guys relaxed and recovered!

    The Washington/Pittsburgh series will be great! I probably won't get to watch much of it though due to the time difference. Speaking of which, I'm not best pleased that our home games are going to be at 6pm on weekdays for the benefit of Eastern audiences. I usually don't get home until 6.30 at the earliest, and it's going to make it difficult for some fans with tickets to get to the stadium on time.

  3. I second the dear Mrs CH. 7 games but the Canucks will take 'em :)

    (of course I want to write 5, as in 4-1, but I kind of doubt it since Chicago was playing good)

    gogogogogogo. something to look forward to tonight !! :D

  4. Cath - I'm surprised they're making the games start at 6pm! You'd think they'd gear the games know...the people who actually go :P

  5. A good solution has been found - we are going to a friend's house, he will record the game on time slip so we can start watching as soon as everyone gets there, and skip all the ads until we catch up!

    But yeah, it sucks that it's so early, I know people with tickets who are literally going to have to run over the bridge that separates my site from the stadium, as that'll probably be faster than the bus! It'll be quite a sight to see hundreds of people in Canucks jerseys doing a mass sprint over the water! (It's usually a really nice walk, with people chatting to each other about team news etc.)

    Chall, why not another sweep while we're at it?! (Over confident, me? Nah, just glad we're not playing Detroit).

  6. Oof! That was scary... to give up a 3 goal lead like that was not very impressive, but hopefully it was just a wee bit of rust and/or complacency that has now been obliterated!


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