Saturday, May 2, 2009

Favourite time of year

There are whole streets lined in pink.

It's just stunning.


  1. Pretty! I see it here (mid-Atlantic) all the time. Do you know what the flower is called?


  2. Very pretty! What kind of tree is that?

  3. Thanks all! (And welcome Rainee!)

    The trees are flowering cherry trees. Very common around here - they love the climate and they look amazing! Hence the city has planted them on the entire length of lots of the streets in this part of town.

  4. oh, wow, they're awesome.

    The local cherry trees are about to burst into bloom here as well, but those are white

  5. woow.. I SO Miss that. Absolutely lovely!!!

    We had Dogwood everywhere down here like a month ao. Not as beautiful as cherry but almost.... .:)

  6. are they not absolutely beautiful!

  7. HGG, there are some white cherry blossom trees around (mostly in the parks), but the pink ones are more common on the streets.

    Chall, I bet you have some gorgeous flowers down there though (and a longer growing season!).

    SM, I love it! It's even better than the red and orange leaves in autumn, because it's getting warmer and lighter!

    I am such a Spring person.

  8. Ah, but YOU get to shoot at paper bears.

    It's quite windy tonight, so I got to cycle home through my very own confetti parade!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. I love spring.

  10. Yeah, me too. It's great when the first flowers start to poke through, but for me it's really about the trees. They just look so fresh and new with their blossom and pale green leaves!


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