Friday, May 15, 2009

From far and wide, O Canada

One of my oldest and best Vancouver friends...
  • who was a grad student in my postdoc department...
  • who I first met (properly) at a house party in early 2002...
  • who turned up with a huge group of friends...
  • who the party's host told me I should definitely meet, because she was dating (now married to) a local guy with tons of single male friends...
  • at whose home I met one of said friends for the first (and second) time...
  • who picked me up and drove me, my Dad, and my sister to the resulting wedding when no local taxi firm would take an advance booking, and when they were then all 100% occupied by a double cruise ship arrival when I called back later as instructed...
  • who has worked insanely hard for years to convert her professional qualification into something that is recognised in Canada...
is going to become a citizen less than 2 weeks after I do!

We're planning a combined party in celebration of this momentous event. 100% Canadian food, booze, and music.

Pretty awesome, eh?!


  1. What is this 100% canadian food? do you have to have Alberta Beef? What would you drink? BC Wine. Hmm...I think you should try for a 100 mile bbq :P

  2. That's great! Congrats to both of you!

  3. Thanks all!

    Kyrsten, there will be a keg... but as Mr E Man said, "how come the only beer with the word Canadian in its name, is the worst beer in Canada?" So it will probably be from Granville Island (it went down well at the wedding). Plus BC wine, Okanagan cider, Okanagan fruit, Canadian cheese, and someone has promised/threatened to bring bannock and moose meat.

  4. so awesome! 100% canadian food better have some chinese and indian cuisine, if its was't for them we'd have no railway :)

  5. Awesome, indeed. Sounds like it will be a wonderful party!

  6. SM, excellent point! The original plan was only to include items grown/raised/made in Canada, but we should be able to figure something out... the music selection we've put together so far is very multicultural in its origins though!

    BM, I hope so!

  7. I know but having a Canadian party without Indian or Chinese food is like going to Britain and not partaking in an Indian restaurant and fish and chips. Most Brits that I know of consider Indian cuisine / culture completely tied to British culture. Canada is becoming like that as well - which is awesome!

  8. woho... If I was in Vancouver I would ask to come and crash :) Okanagan ice wine! Okanagan fruit... now I am really jealous!!

    I want photos and more details as the party comes along :D

  9. What about the baking? Nanaimo bars? Butter tarts? Something with blueberries or cranberries?????

  10. Whoa, this is getting a wee bit complicated... the usual standard of catering at our parties is chips, veggies, dips, cheese, crackers, two-bite brownies... although I do think we should incorporate Nanaimo bars (which I overheard an American tourist on the ferry refer to as a "finding Nemo bar" once).

    And salmon! Smoked salmon! That's easy.

    The posting of photos of the party will depend on exactly how embarrassing said photos are ;)

  11. Awesome! And congratulations to you! You can both be Crazy Canucks *cough*

  12. You will be happy to know I just did a bit of research on Two bite brownies, and they appear to be 'baked' by a Canadian company. So they can be served!

  13. Hermitage, yes indeed! I saw this friend last night, and people were giving us suggestions of which laws we should break first, given that they won't be able to deport us any more ;)

    Mermaid, good to know! Did this "research" consist of buying some of the brownies so you could read the packaging while noming?

    UR, they are sooooo good, but if I have more than half of one I start feeling pretty nauseous... very concentrated amounts of sugar and fat!

  14. How great that the two of you get to celebrate together :)

    I had to google 'nanaimo bars' and now I want chocolate!

  15. Yeah, it's an added bonus that we can celebrate together!

    I kinda want a Nanaimo bar now too.


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