Friday, May 15, 2009

Silver linings

There's one good thing about the Canucks being out of the playoffs.



(Explanation for non-hockey fans)


  1. LOL!! Although, I don't think the beard looked that bad! ;)

    Sorry about the Canuckleheads (that's DH's term for them, not mine!) - maybe next year!

  2. I am not a fan of facial hair, so I much prefer the after. Yay for razors. ;)

  3. The beard looked better from a distance than it did up close, I'm very happy with the change!

    Oh, and thanks, Mrs CH! Lots of people here call them the Canuckleheads too... affectionately, most of the time, although not this week :(

  4. Mr.SM will not be getting rid of his beard...

  5. Was it a play-off beard, or a more long-standing feature?

  6. LOL! I am afraid this practice would be outright cruel in my current climate.

  7. Yeah, temperature is not a problem here!

    Mr E Man also cultivates a beard before ski trips...


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