Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks, Auntie Mermaid!

Your present for Saba

was most gratefully received!


  1. You are most welcome Saba! I hope it gives you (and your sister) hours of fun :).

  2. Yes, because we need MORE craziness at our house!

    Although they both seem immune to catnip, at least in toys. Haven't tried them on the pure stuff yet!

  3. Hee hee. Well, the best part of being an Auntie is the supply of 'unnecessary' fun substances (to a point, of course). I may have to come over with some organic catnip soon :).

  4. Taking some lessons from those crack dealers, are we? ;)

  5. Well, fortunately my nieces and nephews are still kinda young, so I haven't been faced with the question of supplying anything illegal yet. I would probably consider a bottle of rum for an 18 year old, but draw the line at actual illegal items. As for the nieces and nephews of the canine and feline variety, I would happily supply the equivalent of kitty (or doggy) crack....after all, I get to go home :).

    No lessons from the crack dealers, but I have seen some actual awesome parking from the Hummer drivers that just happen to drop by.....

  6. rum IS illegal for an 18 year old ;)


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