Monday, July 13, 2009

A Mad Tea Beer Party

I got to meet another of my favourite bloggers yesterday! (That's three blog meet-ups now, and they've all been great. I highly recommend it).

This time it was Mad Hatter's turn. She's in town for a few days, and had a long enough window in her busy schedule that I got to take her kayaking! It was a very windy day for this time of year, so my promised "leisurely paddle no more than 20 metres from the beach" turned into a solid two hour workout, during which we had to fight to get the boat to turn back towards shore from the middle of the harbour. But despite being a novice kayaker, Mad Hatter paddled like a pro and didn't let the wind or waves phase her. She even claimed to enjoy herself! No eagles out yesterday unfortunately, but we did spot a seal, some cormorants, a tern, and assorted gulls.

Meeting a blogger is a bit of a weird experience, with elements of both a blind date and a catch-up with an old friend. You really can get a decent impression of what someone's like from their blog, and indeed Mad Hatter was much as I expected her to be - smart, funny, and with lots of common ground to talk about! Our animated conversation about blogging, science, pets, and life in general continued after the kayaking, on Vancouver's best patio...

...and the four hours we spent together simply flew by.

Thanks mate! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!

Unanswered questions:
  • How did Massimo guess who I was meeting on his first try?
  • What would his other two guesses have been?


  1. Those nachos are exactly what I need right now! LOL

  2. How did Massimo guess who I was meeting on his first try?

    Hmmm... 'cause I am really smart ?

  3. That sounds fun! I have really enjoyed the meet-ups I've had (especially Mad Hatter!). I agree that it's like a blind date with an old friend. That's a great concept.

  4. Mrs CH, a bit early for that, eh?! (even accounting for the time difference!) They were very good, but we only finished about 2/3 of them.

    Massimo, oh, right, that was it.

    EGF, it's a bizarre combination, but lots of fun! I hope there'll be lots more meet-ups in my future!

  5. Haha, well, count me in! I think I know where those nachos were eaten and although I am not a kayak pro, I have been in one a couple of times ... see you "soon" (sometime, I promise!)

  6. It was! Blogger, kayaking, beer and nachos - what's not to like?!

  7. ...and the best patio in Vancouver is?!?!?! :)

    I'm so going soon. I mean, not only too meet up and see you and see Vancouver again but seriously; I need a trip to MEC.

    hmm... maybe that trip to the West coast in September should get northern and prolonged???

  8. The location of the best patio in Vancouver is a closely guarded secret. I can only take you there in person, blindfolded so you can't tell anyone else how to get there.

    Sorry, you're just going to have to come visit.

  9. Cath: I understand. no worries. I will visit... one day... and I promise I'll drop you a line before and see if you have time to meet up :)

    until then I'll make do with memories and dreams here in the hot South...

  10. Wow, sounds like lots of fun! I will sign up both for kayaking and the best patio in Vancouver when I make it to the city one of these days! (Although I got to warn you: I have never been in a kayak!)

  11. Chall, I hope it cools down a bit for you...

    SG, you're on! Mad Hatter had never been in a kayak either, and she did just fine!


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