Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So, who wants to work with me?

My boss told me last night that he's recruiting, and asked me if I know anyone who might be interested. He's looking for two postdocs to start next summer, as well as a grad student "or maybe two".

Our new (and still in progress) website has links to some of the larger projects currently underway in the lab - the exact projects that are open may change, and will depend on who applies!

So, if any of my blog buddies* are interested, drop me an email at vwxynot [at] gmail. I'd be happy to chat off-blog about the lab and its projects, and if you decide to apply, I can get your CV and cover letter to the top of the pile**. The rest is up to you!

And now you all know who I work for... in the interests of Google rankings, please don't type his name in the comments section. We're working really hard to get the new website to show up first when you Google his name, but with only a few weeks' worth of content, it's easy to override those efforts.


*If you're not a regular reader and you've found this page by chance, you're very welcome to apply through the regular channel outlined on the website I linked to. Sorry, but I'm not going to screen CVs from any old stranger who can do a Google search! We have an HR department for that :)

**I can also take you for a beer if you come for an interview


  1. I would happily work with you again. Too bad I wouldn't be qualified :). Anyway, we have 'work' meetings all the time so it is almost like we do work together.

  2. Oh, no parenthetical comment about last night's football? Damn.

    Up The Iron!

  3. I certainly wouldn't be qualified either (unless you need someone to adress the socio-economic impacts of cancer.. or just run statistics) but Vancouver sounds tempting so perhaps I should start in a new field?! I'm just not very patient in a lab...

  4. Hmmm. Not quite my field of expertise, but it's not entirely inconceivable that I'll be looking for a job next year. That would almost certainly be somewhere in Canada, and Vancouver is the only place hubby would consider there. He lived there for a couple of years, and has always wanted to move back.

  5. Mermaid, we DO work together! We discuss work at at least half of all our "work meetings"!

    Bob, kindly sod off. Kthxbai.

    Lisbeth, those aren't quite the projects we're looking to fill... ;)

    Makita, keep me posted!

  6. Long time lurker here - I'll definitely be looking for a new post-doc next year, and at a first quick glance some of those projects look really interesting! I may very well be emailing you soon..... (I have commented once before - my current post-doc is somewhere in Yorkshire, and I recognised one of your holiday snaps. Also, I have a cool name ;) )

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  8. Hey Cath - I remember you! You do have a cool name. Looking forward to your email!


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