Monday, November 30, 2009

Hockey pool, week 9

Many thanks to Alyssa for keeping the scores while I was away!

Big shake-up today... they've changed the values assigned to each player, so I'm going to have to rejig the team to make it fit under the cap!


  1. Team Alyssa did pretty crappy last week, even though we had a good start. The changing values made for difficult decisions this week!

  2. I thought I was doing sooooo well (Crosby hat trick plus an outstanding offensive onslaught by the Canucks on Saturday), but when I looked on Sunday afternoon, I WASN'T leading the pool in weekly points! Shock horror!

    The enforced rejig may be a good thing for me... I even looked at various teams' upcoming schedules before deciding on a goalie and my few non-Canuck picks!

  3. woho!! I'm third!

    (at least in the middle.... sort of... maybe :) )

  4. I'm actually surprised at how tight the pack still is! (mostly - heh, sorry Andrew!)

  5. Ahhh!!!! I can't believe chall beat me by 3 freaking points this week! I rejigged the team for this week, lets see how the new players work out for me!

  6. I kept Ovechkin.


    What an eejit. (Him, not me. Well, maybe me a little bit).

  7. SM> well, you were ahead last week ;)

    Don't worry, I'm sure I will slip the next couple of weeks since all my choices (the ones who were cheap) have now been reassigned points and I need to find new ones...

    Cath> well, he was at least going for a player from the OTHER team. Not like that Ballard guy who "accedentially" hit his goalie. sure. An accident. Sucker.

  8. Yes, well, there are different flavours of idiocy!


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