Monday, January 18, 2010

Hockey pool: week 16

Hey, Chall and ScientistMother, you may want to consider adding a certain player to your team! 10 points this week, and the reason for the difference between your two slopes, and mine and That Damn Alyssa's!

Perhaps you've heard of him?

Just sayin' ;)


  1. sure sure... I'll add the _wonderful_ guy and together with _that other wonderful guy_ see if I can be saved too.....


    Did I mention I don't like this game? ;)

  2. some of us are too busying skiing in fresh powder to worry about hockey...

    oh and PHHHHTTTTTTTT!!!!,

    I never said I was more mature than the monkey:)

  3. Chall, I'm sure That Damn Alyssa is enjoying it!

    ScientistMother, PHHHHTTTTTTTT!!!! to you too, buddy!

    Fresh powder sounds nice. Mmmmmmmm.

  4. GAAAH! I changed my picks yesterday, but it didn't register, and I got stuck with last week's picks, and now I have no points!

    Pride comes before a fall... feel free to laugh!

  5. Cath, does it make you feel better that my changes didn't go through either?!

    ah well, we'll see what happens.....

  6. changes! who has time for changes! 4pm PST is too early of a deadline.

  7. Chall, I'd feel better if you weren't kicking my ass this week! I'd have had an extra 4 points if my changes had gone through... bah humbug.

    ScientistMother, ah the joys of being a desk jockey and being able to sneak in a few minutes here and there of personal internet time... 4pm is a little early, but that's when the first games start on the East coast...

  8. CAth: not kicking any butt now.... :( looking baaaaad

  9. Hey, I'm in the lead so far this week! w00t! (I'm sure That Damn Alyssa will kick my butt in the weekend games though, as usual! :) )


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