Monday, January 18, 2010

Good morning!

How 'bout a little relaxing music to ease you into the week?

This video (found via the Best of YouTube podcast) reminds me of seeing the percussion band Stomp in Glasgow. Being impoverished grad students we bought tickets in the cheapest section of the theatre, way up in the Gods. When we arrived, we found that they'd only sold about a quarter of the tickets and were seating everyone in the stalls to help build the atmosphere. It was an amazing show, highly recommended. It's just incredible what you can create using brooms and assorted other household items.  There was a group of about twelve developmentally disabled kids right in front of us, and they got so excited and started yelling and hollering and jumping up and down and stamping their feet. The adults with them tried to get them to sit down and be quiet, but the performers made a point of saying to the adults, "let them join in! We love it when people join in! You should too!"

I can imagine a clear line of descent from primitive humans banging sticks together around a camp fire, to Stomp, to Techno Jeep.

Music and human ingenuity make me happy.


  1. But I thought that the third Monday of January was the worst day of the year? ( How are you so happy?

  2. I'm a statistical outlier.

    Anyway, my own worst day of the year isn't until next Monday.


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