Monday, March 8, 2010

Hockey pool, week 21

I had intended to write a non-hockey post before this one, but a work trip followed by a weekend spent learning the ropes on the new Nature Network blogging platform got in the way. Speaking of which, if anyone is currently following my Nature Network blog using an RSS feed or via their blog roll, please update your links to the new address. Assuming that you'd like to keep reading, that is. Thanks!

Right, the pool: Alyssa managed a seamless transition back into her strong pre-Olympic form, and kicked all our asses again this week.

The rest of us seem to be feeling the post-Olympic slump that's hit me and all my Vancouver buddies since last Sunday's hockey final. I miss the happy crowds and the buzz around town, but hey, the Paralympics start on Friday and we get a couple more weeks to milk the Olympic mood for all it's worth!


  1. all is back to normal huh? I guess I have to hop that SM never catches me, as you will be certain I will not catch you... but hope that Alyssa misses the mark very soon and just gives us ONE week to catch up ;)

    (sorry, alyssa, but you are too far ahead to even dream about catching right now....)

  2. That's what I like to hear, Chall...that's what I like to hear ;)

  3. And Alyssa is already well ahead of the rest of us again, even after only two games were played yesterday... sigh. I'm not quite ready to concede defeat just yet, but barring a miracle I don't see there being many more changes in the rankings, and almost certainly not at the top!

    Damnit, Alyssa!!!


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