Friday, May 21, 2010

More fun with logos

In searching for a better version of the London 2012 logo to use in my last post, I came across some real gems in Google Images.

I think we all looked at the original logo and thought "hell, I could do better than that". These people set out to prove it:

Very, very nice - I like the top one best, but the bottom one is also excellent. The middle one's a bit meh, but it's still better than the official logo.

This person went in another direction:

Says it all, really.


  1. The first one you show here is definitely around 5000 better than what you showed us yesterday...
    I have never been very fond of London anyway (been there 3 times) and this just proves again to me that it is not my kind of city.
    But it is good to make fun of

  2. as you said, the first and third ones are nice - compared to the one they chose, they're EXCELLENT ;)

    then again, it was never about being good looking I guess.... just strange and rememberable? duh.

  3. I really like the bottom one on the first picture - very clever, it makes you wonder why couldn't they take that one.

  4. Nina, I used to hate London too, but I've grown to appreciate it - for visits! I'm hoping to make it to the Olympics, having had such a blast in Vancouver this year.

    Alyssa, isn't it good to see that there are still talented and creative designers around? One has to wonder sometimes...

    Chall, the official logo is definitely memorable! Shame it's for the wrong reasons!

    Pika, if only they had!


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