Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is my dental floss

That is all.

(See last post if confused!)


  1. Look at the size of that thing! And to think airlines want us to pay for extra checked baggage, what a rip. Do they not care about the health of our gums? Travel-sized floss is not easy to find! I even looked for it last night while at the supermarket and all they had were enormous floss packets like the one pictured here.

  2. I know! I'm worried it's going to sink my kayak!

    (LOVE YOU, ScientistMother! :) )

  3. Mine is even bigger! Wil post pictures to prove this tonight.

    I love how this is totally getting out of hand :p

  4. Commercial! I mean, where is this blog going? shamelessly promoting big boxes of flossing _with_ visible name and company.


    I'd join in of course, if I could, gasp, find my dental floss at the moment it seems to have gone missing. Surely somewhere in the canoe packing for the weekend (my belly is hurting since I am trying to laugh very quietly in my cube)

  5. Ah ha! You have very very small hands. Austen Powers warned us about you people.


  6. LOL @ Chall! Did I break The Code?!

    Of course, I don't want to actually name the brand, because I don't want to see those search terms in my stats. Especially not when the brand name is combined with the first 7 words of Dr A's comment :) (Oh yes, I went there).

    Cool to know that you'll be canoeing this weekend while I'm kayaking! Have tons of fun, don't forget to floss!

    Antipodean, I thought I was pretty average, but now I'm worried :)

  7. Cath: exactly. I mean, here I thought that I was looking at a noncommercial blog and woho... not really ;)

    joke aside. I died reading the rest of your comment. "size... satin feel... oh yeah baby... it'll never feel the same ;P "

    Apparently, "I have a kayak with my name on it". Some kind of combo of me knowing how to kayak and canoe and that I have some kind of temper if someone doesn't know how to canoe.... with me... huh, all terribly wrong I tell you. (partly wrong, but I do love the solo feel of the kayak.... and it works your arms much better... and yeah, having someone who doesn't know to canoe in the back trying to do things right when rapids hit might have been a tad bit too much for me at one time. and yes, we fell. bad me. I need to work on it clearly.)

    that said, still haven't found the floss. Hope my teeth will stay in my mouth even with this over sight.... (don't even go there as a micro person I should know the bacterial damaged on the gums... HUUUUUU....)

  8. If your arms feel like they're working hard, you're doing it wrong! It's all about pulling from your core! (Which is lucky for me, 'cos my arms are puny but my core is quite strong).

    Mr E Man and I have booked a double, because if we were in singles he'd be way off ahead of me and moaning at me for being slow and I'd be yelling at him to "wait for me, you bastard". Plus the doubles are so much faster and more stable. We always get a big one with a central hatch between the two paddlers - much more storage space, and that way you don't have to coordinate your paddle strokes because you're far enough apart that your paddles don't ever touch! The flip side is that you have to load and unload while the kayak floats (or at last partially floats), because it gets too heavy to pick up.

  9. This is my dental floss: http://twitpic.com/29iy9y

  10. Cath> what I meant was probably more along "I feel like I get a better work out" from the kayak. I agree, not as much arms... but back and core. sloppy me... :)

    *it needs to be a good stance though, otherwise the arms will work more... slouching is a bad thing for me at least.

  11. LOL @ Dr A!

    Chall, yeah, posture is important! There's a knack to the proper paddle stroke that can be tricky to pick up, but once you've got it, you've got it.

    Happy paddling my friend!

  12. you too. I think you are much more profficient (or however it is spelled) than I am. I call myself the happy amateur :)

  13. I am somewhat late to this particular party, but I have this excellent comment to make: Oral B Satin Floss is 100% TEH EXCELLENTNESSNESS!!!

    That is all. So say I, QED, E&OE, &c.

  14. Chall, oh, me too! And I've realised that I'm much more wussy in the front of a double kayak than I am in the back or in a single, when I have control of my own rudder. Lack of control is scary!

    Thomas, I think we're going to need a photo.

    Ricardipus, and I think it's the only one not to have boring white packaging!


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