Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hockey Pool!

Back for the 2010-2011 season by popular demand*!

The pool works in the same way as last year's: you pick two centres, four wingers, three defensemen and one goalie from the lists on the website. (The lists highlight injured and suspended players to help you avoid players who aren't playing that week!) Each player on the list has a value of 1 - 10 based on past and predicted performance. The challenge is to put together a team that will score the most fantasy points while not exceeding the value "cap" of 50. You get one point for every goal and assist scored by your forwards and defensemen, one point for every win by your goalie, and two points for a shut-out by your goalie.

You can change your picks every week if you want, or keep the same team if you can't be bothered or if you miss the pick submission deadline for that week (unless they change the point values assigned to the players based on mid-season performance and you end up over the cap - you have to re-pick if that happens).

Sign up here, enter your picks, and then please email me at vwxynot [at] gmail [dot] com to get the name and password of the group I've set up. All regular readers, commenters and lurkers alike, are very welcome to play, but I would like to make sure that I know who everyone is and no random people sneak in!

The first pick deadline is Thursday October 7th

The prize is a $20 Amazon gift certificate! (more if any other players want to chip in!)

I originally hesitated about running a pool this year, as the weekly update posts became a bit of a chore last time. But ScientistMother has kindly offered to share the load! Yay, ScientistMother! You rock! So we'll each do one update every four weeks, alternating so the updates come every two weeks. If we're going to have weekly updates, like last time, we'll need two or more other people to take part on a rotating basis... hint hint...


*ScientistMother and Chall. They're popular around here!


  1. YEY!! Happy!! I'd be happy to share the load of posting updates on points and maybe a silly little graph. Every 3rd week or so, depending on what we decide. Or biweekly with you guys so it is fewer posts...

    I'm popular *shalalalalala* :) Thanks though! It's going to be fun with a hockey thing to keep me from going into oblivion with NFL and try to see more games with ice...

  2. Damn - I was kind of hoping you'd forget about the NHL pool this year so I wouldn't feel obligated to kick ass again ;)

    Seriously though, I'll have to think about it because of the whole baby-coming-in-November-thing, but will let you know!

  3. Gah. My hockey pool history is very spotty:

    grad school, playoff pool - co-entered with British postdoc, finished second last despite having a player on the Stanley cup winning team

    postdoc, regular season pool - won it, somehow didn't get invited to the playoff pool...?!

    recently - regular season, dead last

    Hm, I might have to enter, seems I'm due... if things alternate that is. The fact that I don't know any of the current players and could barely name all of the teams seems like a minor impediment to success. I'm in!

  4. This is shaping up nicely!

    Chall, thanks for signing up and for being the only person to email me so far! I sent you the name and password for the private group.

    Thanks also for the offer to help share the posting load - that's three of us, one more would be super!

    Alyssa, I totally think you should join up. Maybe the baby will distract you just enough to give the rest of us a chance this year!

    Ricardipus, I think the various pools I've run to date have proved that knowledge of the teams and players in no way correlates with pool performance! Glad to have you on board!

  5. woohoo, i'm in! will have to stop watching TV while imaging so I can actually you know sign up.

    Alyssa - what can't watch hockey AND give birth, talk about lack of multitasking :)))

  6. OK, I'm entering, if only to give ricardipus a run for his money for the wooden spoon.

    Well, I'll enter if it'll load the list of random names I have to pick from.

  7. Oh, this is gonna be so much FUN! And my odds of coming last are lengthening all the time!

  8. Bob> it gives you lots of names, even ordered after position so you will get directions "1 goalie, 3 defense men" etc...

    It's so fun!!

    I don't really know many names either, but I tend to be partial to certain teams. then again, it's not the smartest move to make considering last year... although, if Alyssa can be more "like all the rest of us" we'll have a chance this year (slaughter might be too big a word for what happened last year - or not ;) )

  9. huh, only cath and I are in the group as of Monday 8 am Western Pacific....

    btw, is it just me or isn't it possible to see the picks of others in this league? as in, the others in the group so I can compere my folly?? ;)

    I already sense disaster coming since I've failed to watch the pre season games and therefore picked my players according to the age old saying "swede/playing in canadian team/nice name/i LIKE him/ok, if they're going to trash my team i might as well win points on it" algorithm

  10. I finally put in my picks (my name over there is oharar). My team has a rather Nordic look, partly because I've no idea if there are any Germans.

    Didn't see Noronen's name, so I guess he's not in the NHL now. Ho hum.

  11. I'll get to this tonight, I promise!

  12. woho! nothing like a little prodding the day before the last entry. SM and Alyssa?!?!!? (yes, I'd rather take a beating than not have Alyssa to complain about beating me up, so sue me... it's HOCKEY!) :)

  13. Bob, Thomas, Ricardipus - I've sent you Twitter direct messages with the group name and password. Hurry hurry hurry!

    Any more still to come? I did get an email from someone who just asked for the password without introducing himself - I'm happy for regular lurkers to join in, but an "I've been reading your blog for x months" might be nice! :)

  14. p.s. Chall, I think you can see picks once the game starts and we can get into the Standings area. But don't quote me on that :)

    Bob, there are some Germans in the NHL. I have one in my team. (HINT: he plays for the Canucks).

  15. The deadline has now passed, and we can see each others' picks! Bob seems to have a thing for brothers, while Ricardipus has reached new extremes of optimism by picking Toronto's goalie.


  16. It's never too early or too late for trash talk!

    BTW twitter hashtag is #vwxpool

  17. (I don't have twitter)

    And you two! THere is NOTHING wrong with Toronto. NOTHING.

    (they might have a bit of a bad streak lately but you just don't abandond the team....) That said, I saw they only play one game this week so I rationalised it away for this week. Next week though, I think there will be some players from the MIGHTY leafs :D

  18. Oh, don't get me wrong, the Leafs are going to stink this year. But I'm going out on a twig (see what I did there?) and guessing that (a) they will be very strong on defence, thus improving the goalie's stats, and (b) that defence is actually going to contribute a significant amount to the pool totals (I didn't *ahem* read the rules).


    And Cath - think of me as the spoiler for your aspirations of coming last. ;)

  19. Chall, I totally failed to look at the schedule! I only have one player on any of the teams who've played so far, including the games on right now. But I have 4 players on teams playing tonight, and a bunch more tomorrow and Sunday, so fingers crossed!

    (for those not in Canada, where hockey coverage is everywhere, I recommend and/or the CBC Hockey Night in Canada iPhone app)

  20. Cath> (I don't have an Iphone either. duh.)

    well, I looked at the schedule but still... I'm the ONLY one with ZERO points.

    I think this might be even worse than last year. *sulking*

    lucky me it's Friday drinks soon ;)

  21. Dude, it's not looking any better ;)

    darn it.


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