Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So apparently I suck at calligraphy

First of all, my sincerest apologies if I inadvertently wrote something offensive. If so, it was a result of incompetence, not malice.

This was at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen classical Chinese garden, which was lovely (full post on my staycation adventures is to come). You sip on your free tea and use water and a brush on a reusable slate thingy, which explains a) why the top part had already dried and disappeared before I finished, and b) the long vertical stripes (caused by excess water from the brush running down the slate).

This isn't quite what I meant when I said I was going to hang out in cafes and pretend to be a writer...


  1. aww... I suck at it too ;) (although I blame it on being left handed...) Sounds like it is a relaxing staycation?!

    Hope fingr situation is better with Mr E man!!

  2. I think that's Chinese for "flower horribly infested with smut".

  3. Sounds like a good time! Hopefully Mr E man's finger is bad enough to be off work but good enough to spend time with you :)

  4. We drove past that Chinese garden when I was in Vancouver! (we were on the tourist trolley ride). One of those things that I didn't have time for... sigh. I'm enjoying the staycation series--ideas for my next trip to the area! =)

    P.S. hope your husband's finger is doing better! Does he know how many blogger well-wishes he's getting?

  5. Chall, yeah, I can see how that would make it even harder!

    Mr E Man saw the surgeon yesterday and apparently doesn't need surgery... probably. They're going to take another look at it next week. Thanks all for the good wishes!

    Bob, LOL! That sounds scarily feasible.

    Solmaz, thanks! We had a very nice lunch together today, and then a coffee/tea later on.

    Bean-Mom, next time, eh?! It was lovely. I'm looking forward to your Vancouver post :)

  6. Is one actually supposed to calligrapize with the paper on an upright easel like that? I think my letters/symbols would have been running just the same way or worse.

  7. Yup. It was practically vertical. There were three of us trying our hand, and we all had the same problems!


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