Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twelve Months of VWXYNot?

As seen everywhere, here are the first sentences of my first post of each month in 2010. Bragging Rights Central, hockey pools, grants, visitors, quizzes, and bears - sounds about right! (But no Winter Olympics posts? That's hardly representative of the year as a whole!)


Congratulations to Massimo for winning the First Annual VWXYNot? Readers' Choice Comment of the Year Award!


Did anyone else see the Canucks-Leafs game on Saturday?!


I'm currently (intermittently, half-heartedly) tidying my inbox and desk after the latest round of grant applications. 


One of my best friends from the UK should be landing in Vancouver in a couple of minutes, with her lovely hubby and adorable two year old son! 


My parents are here!


As you may remember from an old post, since I moved to Canada in 2002 I've spent much, much more time worrying about bears than actually encountering them.


My boss is a very busy man whose trainees sometimes have a hard time getting his attention.


I'm back from my trip with more photos than I can reasonably fit into a blog post, so please bear with me while I attempt to cull the collection! 


Yes folks, it's time for another fun quiz from my puzzle-a-day desk calendar!


New archive post! 


First of all, many thanks to Chall and ScientistMother for hosting the last two updates!


Spotted on a whiteboard in a PI's office, written in massive letters (colours as in original):

Book chapters and reviews are for people with no data - NEVER SAY YES

(actually, this was the entire post). 

Right, now let's see your versions!


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  2. For someone who likes melancholy air, your first sentences are relentlessly upbeat and charming!

  3. How lovely! I think it's great that you have such poignant openings of your posts. (btw, november reminds me to ask - who's doing this week?)

    I briefly looked at mine and thought "that's a bit too depressive" and especially compared to yours but I guess I'll bite the bullet and put one up. It's soon time for the yearly cleaning anyway ;)

  4. Hermitage, I like a little melancholy air, sometimes :)

    Also: there were plenty of "grants suck!", "I suck at hockey pools", "the Canucks are out of the playoffs, my life is over", "my parents are STILL here??!!", "my ass hurts after that stupid bike ride", "England are out of the world cup, my life is over", "are you guys moaning about quiz formats AGAIN??!!", and "holy fucking crap there's a fucking BEAR in my campsite" posts, that just happened not to fall on the first day of the month :)

    Chall, I just thought mine was kinda boring - a lot of meta stuff, an archive post, two hockey pool updates (ScientistMother is supposed to be doing this week's, I'll do next week's). It's a shame none of the Olympic excitement made it in (although it's definitely evident in the final list of comments that will be going up for the vote this weekend!)

  5. I've put it up now. Here:

  6. Boom! Here you go.

    Ricardiblog highlights 2010.

    Thanks for the easy post idea... man do I ever need to post more.

  7. Yay, two more!

    Ricardipus, you should take a look at Chall's final entry :)


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