Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We has a home!

Itz got shoos in it 'n' evryfing

There goes my attempt to write a proper serious grown-up book review post today...

We adopted Mandy (left) and Moxy (right) from the SPCA yesterday. They're 8 month old sisters and they are cute beyond all belief! Mr E Man picked them up about 2 hours before I got home. They hid under the sofa for the first hour, but were already in his lap when I got there and were both climbing all over me within a couple of minutes of my arrival. They're currently "helping" me to write this post by climbing all over me and the desk. Oh no, they've gone now - Moxy spooked herself by accidentally turning the printer on.

Moxy is the dominant one, but they're both very friendly and inquisitive. They scoped out the whole house yesterday, working together and walking around corners like velociraptors coming into kitchens. (Is that sentence as bizarre as I think it is?) We've already had a kitty-in-the-fridge incident, and any closed door is a matter for close investigation. We've already realised that the only way to get into a forbidden room sans kitties is to distract them with a laser pointer running up and down the opposite wall.

We can has names?

Moxy might get to keep her name, but Mandy is definitely going to get a new one. The question is: do I follow the convention amongst scientists and give them really really geeky names?* What level of geekiness will Mr E Man let me get away with? If they'd been a pair of brothers I would have pushed for either Darwin and Mendel or Douglas and Adam. Sisters are harder.

Suggestions so far:

Intron and Exon, with Moxy being Exon because she's more expressive (waaay too geeky even for me)
Ganymede and Callisto
Iona and Skye (their colouring does bring to mind misty Scottish landscapes)
Nimbus (for Moxy, who's a cloudy grey colour)
Google (again for Moxy, who looks like she's wearing specs and is searching the entire house again as I type)
Saba (for Mandy, whose markings look like the mackerel sushi we both love)
Patty and Selma (joking)

Mr E Man:
Zira (he loves Planet of the Apes - the original I hasten to add).

AC and DC
Mork and Mindy

Leda and Elara (easier versions of my moon name suggestions)

Any suggestions?

We has a divershun (click photo to see laser beam!)

*I've heard (via Mermaid) of a guy named Francis whose cat was called Crick, and my friend has a tabby called Helix.


  1. Oh so cute! Are you loving it? How did the night go?


  2. Yeah, it's pretty awesome! Not a peep from them until Mr E Man got up at 5:30, then they got quite vocal. I'm so glad we got two - I think the transition would have been much more traumatic for them if they hadn't had each other. They're only just starting to separate for more than a few seconds!

  3. My best friend from grad school named her cat Boson. My cousin's cats are her two favorite states of matter. I didn't follow the naming convention personally. And the cats - regardless of their names - are wonderfully adorable.

  4. I like the name Moxy! I did drama in undergrad, so we're all about naming pets literary names or theatrical ones. Two sisters is surprisingly hard for that game as well... hmmmm ... oh, Goneril and Regan, though that seems like you are willing your kitties to be bad.

  5. Boson is a great name! The other one could be Higgs (apparently I can do physics jokes without even looking at Wikipedia, a hitherto unsuspected skill).

    Two sisters really are hard. Regan is out because I don't want anyone thinking it's actually Reagan. All the other characters I can think of share names with friends or family, which is a no-no for me. e.g. Jo, Beth, Amy etc. Maybe Bronte and Austen - but Austen sounds too male. Hmm...

  6. I know a couple cats named Disco and Inferno.

    I like Higgs and Boson though, that'd be pretty sweet

  7. How about primer and taq? Sort of gender neutral? Many congratulations!

  8. And Disco and Inferno go into the lead, taking over from Google and Saba... I'm definitely going to suggest those to Mr E Man.

    I like Primer and Taq too, but I'm starting to turn away from names that have to be explained over and over again...

    I like this game, it's fun!

  9. So cute! I want some. I hope some captioned photos are in our future. :)

    post-doc, do you mean like Solid and Liquid or am I just not getting it?

  10. awww...congratulations!!! And that is a very cool updated list you've got there of blogs.

  11. Awww, you're a cat mommy. I always planned to have a cat called Aristotle, Leonardo or similar. It would be a smart cat. Two grey cats - smoky and 'the bandit'?

  12. EcoGeoFemme: oh yes, there will be LOLcats aplenty!

    Wayfarer - thanks! And the blog list is cool, but doesn't update properly. I do it manually once or twice a day. Hopefully that'll be fixed soon!

    Propter - you're back in the blogosphere! Yay! I like Smoky and Bandit! We've almost settled on Saba for Mandy though, but nothing is definite yet.

  13. Right on cue, here's a post about the eponymous Higgs. Sounds like a great guy to name a cat after!

    The front runners are now Saba and Google. These preliminary names are being used on a trial basis.

  14. How about Amber and Opal Codon? I've always wanted to use those.

    I saw on Technorati you linked to me and dropped by to check things out. :-)

  15. Hi Nimravid! I've been reading your blog for a while (starting with a transposable element post I believe!) but only recently got around to updating my blog roll and links.

    I like those suggestions... and the colours are quite apt considering the cats' fur and eye colours. Hmm, more suggestions to take home with me!

  16. Those cats are adorable. Congrats on being a cat-mommy!

    And I like the amber and opal codon suggestion. Geeky, but only in a if-you-know kind of way (which adds just an extra layer og geekiness!)

  17. Ooh, hidden geekiness! I like it.

  18. Hey, this thing ate my comment! The kitties are very cute. Have you made a final decision on names?

  19. Almost! Will post over weekend...


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