Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Nazis. I hate these guys".

I was delighted to find my all-time favourite movie on TV last night. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is, in my opinion, the finest moment in cinematic history. Everything about it is pitch-perfect, and whoever cast Sean Connery as Harrison Ford's father deserves Oscars, Knighthoods, and at least one Nobel Prize. I fell asleep before the end, but it hardly matters with films you've seen a million times before, right? And at least I got to see my favourite part - "Our situation has not improved".

And the new one comes out today! I rarely go to the cinema, but I'll make an exception for this one. In fact I think I'll be going a lot this year:
  • Indy IV
  • X Files II
  • Narnia II
  • Sex and the City (don't laugh)
  • Harry Potter VI (my favourite of the books)
I'll have to email all the girls I know and see who's interested in which movies. None of the guys I know seem very enthusiastic at all. I wonder why?


  1. Hey, I am also going to see "Sex and the City," so there :P

    Hubby says I have to finish watching all the old Indiana Jones before we see the new one (what can I say, catching up with all the classics I should have seen if I grew up speaking English is taking some time...)

  2. Pick me, pick me!!! I want to see them all too.

  3. Take me to SATC! I have an double-baby shower on the day it opens (P and K from Sales), but would LOVE to go.

    I definitely want to see Indy IV. Did you know that DMac hasn't seen 1 and 2 yet? I'm going to make sure he does before we go to IV. but we both agree that 3 is the best.

  4. Mamma Mia! with Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep. I'm going to that one too.

  5. I can understand a Ukrainian immigrant having not seen the previous Indy movies, but DMac should be ashamed of himself! There is plenty of fun in store... I once went to an all-night Indython in a Glasgow cinema, starting at 11 pm and ending at 6 am. It was AWESOME, especially as I hadn't seen the first two on the big screen before.

    Kyrsten and Mermaid, I just sent the email out and you're both on it! I'm not bothered about seeing any of them on opening night or anything as long as I can avoid spoilers!

  6. Makita, our comments crossed in the post! I'm not a huge musicals fan but I'll go to that too if everyone else wants to!

  7. I'm so excited to SATC and the new Indiana Jones movie! I can't believe that none of the guys you know wouldn't want to see Indy!

  8. I think it has something to do with all their wives going "mmmmmmm. Harrison Ford. Mmmmmmm."

  9. hm, I'm on the fence with the new indy movie _because_ of Harrison Ford (nope, not a fan of the old man - young version? sure bet)

    but I think I might end up there anyway... really wanna see Narnia and see what they have done with the book. I am a little weary that it's politiscized into religious stuff but maybe they manage to refrain from the worst of the "worshippers of the False God".

    I am looking forward seeing The Andromeda Strain on A&E during Memorial weekend. I mean, filmed at SFU in Vancouver and dealing with virus strains loose that kills.... can it get any better?!!?! :) (yes, don't mind Resident evil either)

    and saturday is game day :D will you watch?

  10. Until I saw the preview for the new film, I'd have agreed with you, but he's not looking bad considering his age!!

    The religious element of the Narnia books never bothered me to be honest, although thinking back a couple of them are pretty racist. The first movie seemed to include the religious allusions without stuffing it down our throats, so hopefully the next one will be similar!

    I'm not all that bothered about the hockey, but I'm sure I'll watch some of the games, especially towards the end of the series! I'm afraid I'm going for Pittsburgh because they haven't won for so long...

  11. pah... Crosby has nothing to do with it? ;) (I guess it was I who said Ford was too old so maybe I'm the one with a weak heart from Crosby :)

    I am greatly impressed by Crosby/Malkin/Hossa and their Pitsburgh team! However, 7 swedes and chance of winning the Cup with a [swedish] captain?!? It's too good to pass up.

    I'll leave the hockey now - flooded this comment too much already ;)

  12. Crosby's not my type - too pretty ;)

    If either team had a British captain, or even a British player, I'd get behind them! In fact, if any team in the league had a British player, I'd have to support them. I think my alleigance to the Canucks is pretty safe though!

  13. British player? in Icehockey?!
    HAHA :D

    sorry, let's just go with "there are certain sports in certain countries" ;) (and no offense with that but the [prejudice] image I have in my head at the moment of a British lad skating against a american/canadian/russia/ et al)

    Of course I would state officially that "icehockey is not civilised and cricket is much better so of course the British people would stay with cricket, or rugby which is like icehockey without ice".

  14. Yes, that's why my alleigance to the Canucks is so safe!

    Mr E Man and I have talked before about how rugby and hockey require very similar physiques. This is why Canada is never going to break into the top tier in rugby - all the guys who'd be good at it are playing hockey. The same goes in reverse for the UK, compounded by the fact that there are so few ice rinks. The nearest one to where I grew up was about 40 minutes away by car, whereas there are several within a 10 minute bike ride of my house in Vancouver.

  15. I am SO looking forward to SATC. I was supposed to see Indy tonight, but um, forgot to buy my ticket ahead of time so now I'm relaxing at home catching up on blog reading instead. Not so bad really. I suspect CAE in a kayak could take down Harrison Ford.

    What I remember most about Narnia was the SEXISM! Even as a little girl I remember being highly offended that Susan gave up on Narnia because she became into makeup and boys. Right and I'm sure the boys were all celibate monks.

  16. Watched Indy IV last night - Harrison Ford didn't really change that much, and surely CAE in a kayak could take him down :) (well put, Arduous :)

    Watch out for the Ukrainian girl in the movie (is it me, or is the list of Ukrainian characters growing exponentially these days?) And don't miss the traditional Ukrainian dancing by the fire!

  17. I certainly won't laugh at Sex and the City. I emailed friends about it weeks ago... Somehow I don't expect it to be good, BUT HAVE TO SEE IT!

  18. Oh I'd take him down alright, kayak or no kayak ;)

    Arduous, I'd forgotten that part! Did n't Susan from the Swallows and Amazons books suffer a similar fate?

    ScienceGirl, can't wait to see the dancing!

    Stepwise, same here - I loved the show when it first started, but it got a bit repetitive and I couldn't believe she would leave Aiden for Big. But I just have to see the movie!

  19. SATC is a given, if only for SJPs 82 different outfits.

    Harrison Ford? He's even older than I am for crying out loud - I seriously doubt that he can make any movie theatre seat wet these days. But I might be wrong; I usually am.

  20. Hey, look at Sean Connery! Lots of people still find him attractive, and he played Harrison Ford's father!

  21. Definitely going to see SATC too, but I'm still catching up on all the regular season episodes. For some reason, I never watched it regularly and only saw a few episodes here and there. I think I'm still on Season 3, for crying out loud! So please, please, please no spoilers!

  22. Definitely no spoilers here!


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