Monday, May 5, 2008

We can has boxercise?

I can has a YouTube account!

Here are Google and Saba in the cute box moment described in my last post. Wonderful camera work, no?

And for added entertainment value, here is footage of me beating my rock star brother-in-law at Guitar Hero on Christmas Day. Camera work by Mr E Man.

I'm not really into computer games at all, but this one was fun! I might even be tempted to buy a second-hand system at some point.


  1. OK, I totally need to get me one of those... just tell me where I can find one, money is not an issue.... I am ready to pay any amount, no matter how astronomical... yes, even $69.99 plus tax.

  2. The guitar, or the box? The box was $42 from Amazon, but it came with some free books ;)

    Guitar hero looks like it'll cost several hundred dollars on if you include the X Box / Wii system plus game and controllers. I think I'll probably just stick to using my nephews' version!

  3. That's just way too cute - there is something about a cat and a box (or a paper bag) that almost always ends in cuteness.

    The other video is pretty darn cute too!


  4. I knew you'd be commenting on this one! ;)

    I haven't tried the paper bag yet, but maybe I can find one lurking at the back of my bag cupboard.

  5. Nice to know I am predictable. Check this out:

    Not sure if it would work, but it IS an appealing idea.

  6. Only when it comes to cute kitties!

    That toy seemed to get very mixed reviews. It's a great idea though. Maybe I'll try attaching something to a string, putting the something in a bag, and then jerking the string. Cheaper that way!

  7. Ooh, do you have one? Can I come over?


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