Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now let's get one thing straight

I am not a muppet hater.

Yep, Mad Hatter has unleashed her minions on me.

I think the muppets are Teh Awesome. I grew up watching the show, and then watched the new version when I was a student. I went to see Muppet Treasure Island at the cinema when I was 19, for fuck sake.

I just think it is lame to listen to Kermit the Frog on your iPod. Especially when you've never even seen the show! Mad Hatter obviously agrees, or why would she put Kermy at the top of her list of, and I quote, "shitty crap music [that] is on my iPod"?

And as for the fact that muppets is UK slang for idiots? Not my fault, dude. Just reporting a fact. If you'd ever heard Newcastle United fans singing "sixty thousand muppets" to the Manchester United fans in their own stadium, you would know this.

Honestly. Yanks.

Anyway. To prove my love for the muppets, here's a classic clip with John Cleese.


On the original thread I also mentioned Peter Jackson's finest hour, Meet the Feebles. Here's a taster. Rent this movie today, it is AWESOME.

Would anyone like to volunteer to be one of my minions? Might come in handy...


  1. What's the pay like as a minion?

    I heard that Her Majesty's minions are deer. Hence her rule over all her doe-minions.

  2. I pay the minion wage.

    I had heard that British swans are also Her Majesty's minions. What kind of cygnet is that sending to the country?

  3. Muppets as a synonym for idiots? Good lord. Do you guys even speak ENGLISH there in England?

    (Still practicing to win my "most annoying American" award when I go to London. How did I do?)

  4. Not bad, but you're going to have to be much more annoying than that if you want to stand out in London. And I'm not just talking about the Americans!

    Just - please don't start supporting Manchester United or Chelsea, OK? Any other team would be just fine.

  5. I somehow have a Liverpool beanie. Can I support them? Are they a team?

  6. That is awesome!!! I needed a good laugh. :)

  7. Ruchi, I like Liverpool. In fact I would say they're my second team in the Premiership - the one I root for to actually win, since Newcastle never get close. You might want to choose a London club too - I would definitely recommend going to a game. Chelsea are the best but everyone hates them. Arsenal are a good bet. Also Spurs, Fulham, and a whole load of lower league teams to choose from!

    XX, yeah I was howling with laughter when I saw this last night. It is so difficult to explain to a non-blogging husband though. "Well, this guy who writes another blog is giving me a hard time because I gave someone else a hard time when she blogged about the lamest music on her iPod, which was Kermit the frog". I'm sure he thinks I'm insane.

  8. From the 'Keeeeeeys...' blog:

    > I have deranged Kiwi junkie
    > machine gun-toting muppets on
    > MY side.

    I may resemble that remark! :)

    AJB in NZ.

  9. Dude...I only wish Bikemonkey were one of my minions! :-)

  10. It may sound insane but really, as far as blogwarz go? Positively rational.

    Fear the Awesomeness of Felt! Peace out.

  11. I'd be a minion just for the Meet the Feebles shoutout! That movie is hilarious.

  12. LOL at these comments.

    I had to keep checking my email at the meeting in Calgary yesterday in case my boss was trying to reach me, and these comment alerts kept me very entertained!


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