Friday, November 14, 2008

Mr E Man's greatest hits

Previous descriptions of my husband's smooth moves and smooth talk were received rather well, so here are a few more!

In a taxi, heading home after I'd met his friends for the first time:

Mr E Man: "Oh, by the way, I told them all that you have a prosthetic foot."
Me: "WHAT?? WHY????!!!!!"
Mr E Man: "Well, when you went to the bathroom they started bugging me to dance with you, and I don't like dancing. So I told them you've got a club foot. But then I decided that a peg leg sounded better."
Me: "But WHY??!!! And what did they say??!!"
Mr E Man: "Well, they stopped bugging me to dance with you. And they said 'ooh, you can hardly tell'".
The next time I met them, I made sure I was wearing sandals so they could see that both my feet are in fact real.

On the first anniversary of our first date:

"When I met you, I dumped all the other girls I was seeing."
On his first visit to see my family in the UK:

(He'd already met my parents a couple of times when they visited Vancouver).

My Dad: "Several people have mistaken [friend sitting next to him in the pub] for my father, you know".
Mr E Man: "Really? I think you look older than him".
Dad: "Bloody colonials! Coming over here, drinking our beer, eating our food, drinking our whisky, stealing our daughters... I've never been so insulted in all my life!"
Mr E Man: "I find that very hard to believe".
(I should say that my Dad has the same sense of humour as I do, loves Mr E Man, and all of the above was said in jest. Although the "drinking my beer and stealing my daughter" line gets used a lot).

During our joint speech at our wedding:

I'd finished the first part of my speech (carefully written and revised and rewritten and revised again over the previous two weeks), in which I'd called Mr E Man my best friend and soul mate, amongst other nice things. There was then an awkward pause while Mr E Man fumbled through his notes to find the beginning of his own speech, which he'd written on the back of a couple of envelopes about an hour before the ceremony.

Me: "My notes say '[Mr E Man] will say something nice about me now'".
Mr E Man: "Nice bum".

I'm pleased to report that his actual speech was very good indeed.

Mr E Man also once spun a great tale for two of our nephews. He'd fallen while snowboarding, and as he landed his goggles slipped and poked him, causing an impressive black eye. When we got back to his sister's house that evening, he told the boys that he'd got into a fight with a bear. They didn't believe him at first, but as he went on and on about this epic boxing match, reenacting parts of it, and demonstrating how he'd knocked the bear over and pushed it down the mountain so that it formed into a massive snowball that got bigger and bigger and faster and faster and kept on going all the way into town, they gradually got suckered in. I wouldn't be surprised if they still believe that story now! They also fell for his cheap trick later that night (it was Christmas Eve) of calling them up on his cell, from the bathroom, and pretending to be Santa. They magically started to behave and went quietly to bed, while the adults got on with the serious business of playing drunken Cranium.

The end of my wedding speech was "I couldn't have imagined a better husband for myself in my wildest dreams". And, believe it or not, it's true.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Nice stories to start my Friday indeed!

  2. Hehe, enjoy your weekend with mr. Smooooooooth :)

  3. Mr Smooooooooth might just have to be his new name.

    Glad you guys are enjoying these snippets!

  4. Awww... those are fun stories. What a great post on a Friday!

  5. aaah, husbands. they're wonderful :).

  6. hahahaha i love mr e man! funny funny guy

    i think he would get along with boyfriend

    too cute!

  7. Oh I'm totally bummed that hermitage's shiba inus beat out my Sibling Rivalry post for post-of-the-week...dogs, cats, and an hysterical pissing match! What more could you ask for?!

    Those puppies are damn cute though.

  8. This is what I needed on a Friday afternoon! Although I already figured you would have only married someone this fun :)

  9. Heh heh, thanks all!

    AA, I did love the pissing contest story. But I had a cat blog post last week... sorry!

  10. I was just kidding...and I also like the "nice bum" comment...sounds kinda like my Better Half. Always good for a laugh.

  11. AWWWWWWWW. You made me tear up! I need some chocolate. And poutine.

  12. hilarious. You seem like a great match!

  13. :)

    Dr A, Chocolate and poutine? Not together I hope.

  14. Ah, thank you for pointing me in this general direction. Mr E Man's repartee with your dad is just what I needed on a Wednesday afternoon. :)


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