Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grant deadline craziness

I just can't seem to help myself... after the dodgy limericks and Shakespeare adaptations of the last couple of big deadline weeks, I've found yet another outlet for my caffeine-fuelled craziness creativity. Here's my Facebook status from Monday:

(Please note that while I'm more than happy for you all to know my full real name, I don't want Google to bring this blog up when people search for me. Not a problem when it's embedded in an image... but please don't use my surname anywhere on this blog. Thanks!)

All five signatures have now been procured, checked, and couriered. One less thing to worry about...

Deadline is Friday afternoon. Drinks with Infinite Science are Friday at 6 pm. Escape to Sun Peaks is Saturday morning. Must. Remember. To breathe.


  1. Pfff, here's how you do it, n00b:

    You have entered the Room of Sanctity. Grant writing Productivity will increase by 20% here. Hunger and Fun levels will decrease by 15%

    To your Left there is: Grad Student Lounge [Productivty -30%, Fun +25%, Hunger +15%, Gossip acquisition +125%]

    To your Right is: PI Office [Productivity +35%, Fun -110%, Hunger -20%, Self-Esteem -70%]

    Proceed: [Left] [Stay here] [Right]

  2. Hey, congrats! One grant for this deadline is much better than five, right? :-)

  3. Hermitage, I bow to your GameLore of Unusual Magnitude.

    MH, no kidding! The actual designated PI is too busy with other things though, so he's delegating most of the grant to a very talented and ambitious but slightly inexperienced postdoc...

  4. Congrats on the completed grant. Sun Peaks!! WTF why go there when you could go to Big WHite???!!

  5. This is just what twitter is for, surely.

    Now you've got your five plot coupons, err signatures, I assume you can move on to the big set piece where you submit unto the the higher beings that inhabit The Funding Body.

  6. SM, not quite there yet - we still need to finish writing the damn thing!

    Sun Peaks is Teh Awesome (haven't been to Big White so can't compare). I always ski waaaay better there than at Whistler, mostly due to the better snow. Also we stay for free with Mr E Man's sister and her family, and get cheap lift tickets and free lessons through my bro-in-law, who works at the ski school.

    EGF, thanks, it's a big hurdle out of the way! It shouldn't be this hard to just get the admin part done...

    Bob, I am still holding out against Twitter and Friend Feed. Sometimes I have lots to say, other times I don't change my FB status for days on end.

    Progress towards the higher beings of the funding body has been slow but steady. It would help if people would send me their damn CVs so I can extract Knowledge Tokens from them that will help me assemble the Team Roles and Expertise section.


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