Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If in doubt, PANIC!

email sent: 11.45 pm on Tuesday

email read: 8.03 am on Wednesday

email content*: "Cath, please make sure we have the project ready for the extremely important meeting with external collaborators at 8.30 am, thanks"

my existing knowledge of said project: 0%

panic level: extreme

time of resolution of problem: 8.17 am

resolution of problem: "I wonder if he meant projector?"

meeting: awesome. Seriously**. I really, really love my job sometimes! Science rocks!


*paraphrased for blog reader comprehension
** the completely unrelated afternoon meeting was distinctly un-awesome


  1. Holy crap! Glad you got it sorted. I would have subsequently punished whoever sent that email and kicked off you panic death spiral though.

  2. Uh, my blood pressure just spiked READING that blog post.

    What a way to start your day, eh?

  3. I don't even want to think about that.... sounds awful. but awesome you fixed it :)

    (leaving the afternoon meeting to... .well... not be commented)

  4. AA, it was an honest mistake, no need for punishment, just teasing!

    Ruchi, yeah, I could've lived without it. Amusing when I figured it out though.

    Chall, yes, it made me look good that I deciphered the cryptic email and showed up with the projector in hand!

  5. Wouldn't it be great if all high-pressure situations resolved so easily? Thanks for laugh, Cath =) (Sorry for your panic level that morning, though!)

  6. UR, I try ;)

    BM, yes it would! And happy to provide a laugh, any time!

  7. Doh! This is where spell-checkers totally let you down. :-) Glad you figured it out...I probably would've panicked for much longer than 14 minutes!


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