Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Marriage is gay"

Just a quickie: this week is going to be crazy busy with grant and progress report deadlines galore. But I just wanted to send a belated "Happy Thanksgiving!" to my Canadian readers!

We spent the long weekend at my mother-in-law's, which is always well worth the two ferry (i.e. four hour) wait on the way home. The turkey dinner was the best evah, and brother-in-law #1's Hilarious New Fiance silenced all the doubters with her whipped yam-ginger-orange juice concoction.

HNF and I also upheld our tradition of swapping new music and podcast tips. My iPhone is currently chockablock with Spanish lesson podcasts (we listen to them in the car - our vacation is less than four weeks away!), so I was reluctant to add any more casts to my list... but as usual, she had some awesome new ones that I couldn't resist subscribing to. Here's my favourite episode (so far) from my favourite new podcast, "That's Gay". Enjoy! I'll see you on the flipside...

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  1. if it wasn't real people saying this I would smile.... alas, where I currently live it is what people think, some of them at least.

    Personally, I get annoyed (and offended) that the same sex marriage is always drawing the analogy to pedophelia.. not to mention, it is mostly men-men in the adverts as well as "when men dislike the notion of same sex marriage". It is as woman-woman isn't the problem since they don't exist... ah well, I just hope people could see it as a "civil process" rather than something else. After all, it is really appalling to me that two people who love eachother aren't being able to register as "devoted i.e. married" and then even get basic stuff like health care coverage, which has NOTHING to do with religion.

    then again , I was raised liberal in a leftish country who are allowing marriage for gays. (although I wonder what will happen in the church voting on Thursday - one of the many reasons I would vote for real separation of church and state.)


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