Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday's Piggy Primate Party

Various blogs have picked up on the story about a man being killed by monkeys in India. (Hey guys, primates in the news are my thing. Mine.) So I'm going to tell a different Indian monkey story instead. reports that a monkey is attacking a herd of piglets. Maybe not so unusual, except that until recently the monkey was in charge of the herd and apparently took excellent care of them. He guarded them from dogs, chaperoned them across roads - not quite a sheep-pig, but a pig-monkey.

So why has the shepherd (erm, pigherd?) started to attack his flock? Is he just living up to the stereotype of rebel Indian monkeys?

There's mileage in this story. He'll be on Oprah before we know it.


  1. Okay, win. No more monkey business for me. :-)

  2. Don't worry, there's enough monkey business out there for all of us!


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