Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another beer-soaked Vancouver blogger meet-up

I met Dr. J this week!

It wasn't a planned meet-up, but in this relatively small life sciences community, not exactly random either! I shouldn't even be all that surprised that we know some of the same people...

Anyway, it was awesome. We had some beer and a nice chat about science, cycling, Vancouver, and of course blogging. We'll definitely do it again some time - after all, he owes me a pint.

Anyone else living in or visiting Vancouver, and wanting to meet up, let me know! My two experiences so far have both been great!


  1. I'll let you know when I'm in the vicinity ... maybe over the summer or if I have to make a trip up there to renew my entry visa (grrrr).

  2. It's not official yet, but my trip up there is looking pretty likely. Will keep you updated! I believe at some point you said you'd sing some song for me if I got you drunk enough...must go look for that post! :-)

  3. One of the things on my to do list is to take the train across Canada, but whether or not I'll be able to do that depends on about a gazillion things. It currently seems likely that I will be able to do it this summer, though!

  4. Thanks for the beer Cath!!! :) It was really great to meet you, I had a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to making good on the return beer and hopefully meeting some of you other guys.

  5. PiT, sounds good, let me know! Some beer would help relax you after the inevitable visa stress (I've done the 4am run down to Seattle to catch the 8-10am consulate opening times before, it sucks).

    MH, sweeeeet! You're thinking of the PhD Blues, but I'm not gonna link it for you.

    Eva, you should do it, it's AWESOME. If you can afford it, pay for a bed though - sleeping in the seats for 3 nights was not good (and also freezing - bring a sleeping bag). And be careful, when I did that journey I ended up vowing to move here.

    Dr. J, you're very welcome! We should definitely do it again soon.

  6. oh and I noticed I won the post of the week. thanks!

  7. Cath--Oh, I'll find it. With or without your help. So there. :-)

    ScientistMother--not clear from your comment whether you are jealous about the beer or about Cath meeting Dr. J! :-)

  8. SM, next time!

    Phizzle, um, the time after that, maybe? ;)

    MH, I'm sure you will. However, please remember that I have not yet defined what "drunk enough" actually means ;)


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